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I love a good before and after photo. You've lost 87 lbs and you have your old you picture on the left an the new you on the right- I will always look and read the story. You cut 12 inches of your hair off to donate to locks of love- side by side I will study the pictures.

So I thought I would show y'all my own before and after pictures. Unfortunately I didn't lose 87lbs or donate my hair- I just cleaned up a bit. (It's really not that unusual gentle reader- I know my last two posts referenced cleaning, or lack-there-of. For the record, I clean almost daily.)

The before picture was taken after BIG took out a bunch of toys. The after photo was taken after I collected said toys and dumped them in the bin.

The after-after picture (I'm giving y'all a bonus after pic! For free!!) is from when LITTLE heard me picking up. He was none too pleased. So he dumped out the racoon toy bin (it's totally adorable & periodically available on zulily!)

Somedays I'm not sure why I bother picking up while BIG and LITTLE are awake. I just pretend I'm feeding the racoon.

Hope you had a great day pretty people.

<![CDATA[A in the drain]]>Sat, 25 Oct 2014 04:30:31 GMThttp://mommyohhhh.weebly.com/blog/a-in-the-drain
BIG during happier times when the A & B block were safe and sound.

I have this friend. I will call her "Carla." She's a semi-newish friend and she is AWESOME. I used to clean my house when she was coming over, but now I don't. (Regular readers, you know why! New readers- go back and check it out!)

But I digress...

Carla has a son LITTLE's age and we get the kids together about once a week. The play dates are always so nice because the kids play really well together. She's one of the few non-family member adults that BIG has really warmed up to.

Earlier in the week we took the kids to the zoo. It was such a beautiful day- everyone got along perfectly, no melt downs- the boys chased sea lions... It was fantastic. Until BIG threw his prized possession (a letter A block) up in the air and it landed perfectly down a drain.

What the h-e-double hockey sticks! Michael Jordan couldn't make that shot if he tried! The drain was perfect block size so the physics of the shot had to be perfect. And BIG's shot was perfect.

Damn it.

We were both shocked and then alarmed at the mere chance that block went in the hole. (Clearly big enough for a block but soooooo tiny I couldn't get a hand in it) So while I was panicking on the inside I had enough sense to play it cool and use the smoke and mirrors I carry at all times to divert BIG's attention and move him along to something else.

Look a dragon! Let's go see!

I thought the A block was gone for good. Which wouldn't normally be an issue but the A and B blocks are THE chosen blocks. We really don't care much for C-Z blocks. They are just blah. Clearly no A or B. Those two go together like peanut butter and jelly.

So I did what every mother would do. I hid the B block. Because if you give the B block the child will wonder; hmmmmm B is great but I reallllllllly love the A block the most- and I always have the A & B together, so where is the A block?!?!?

Try telling a four year old that it's at the bottom of the grate in the tunnel under the prairie dog lair. (**remember you threw it in there mr physics on your side's got nothin' on Michael Jordan!) So I hid the B block. It's been three days and I haven't thought about what I will do when said child asks for his blocks.

Then tonight I got the best text ever.

Just so you get the full impact of the text picture. O M G

Carla saved the block! Seriously. SHE SAVED THE A BLOCK pretty people! For BIG. Because she's that person.

She didn't put on her super hero cape to save her own child's prized possession. She did it to save MY child's block. Do you see why I like her? Now when BIG asks for the blocks I can say "Mrs. Carla the block saver has it." He will smile big because he likes her. I do too.

I hope all of you pretty people are lucky enough to have a Carla in your life.

<![CDATA[Thanks for coming to play - and pretending you didn't notice the dust bunnies!]]>Tue, 14 Oct 2014 21:33:43 GMThttp://mommyohhhh.weebly.com/blog/thanks-for-coming-to-play-and-pretending-you-didnt-notice-the-dust-bunnies

We had a play date today at our house. I LOVE play dates. I can't stress that enough. That being said- I HATE cleaning up pre-play date. So you know what? Today I didn't. I didn't clean up a thing. As a matter of fact this is what LITTLE was doing 5 minutes before our guests arrived.

He was throwing toys out of the basket. No rhyme or reason- i could see his little wheels spinning; must throw objects on floor! (He's part caveman afterall. All toddlers are.)

I didn't stress out about it like the old me would have. For a few reasons: most importantly that we live here. We have a two and a four year old that have been trapped inside for two rainy days. Yes there are toys everywhere. Yes there are three (3!) toothbrushes on the kitchen floor (I mean really- why wouldn't there be?) There was a dust bunny that put bugs bunny to shame.

And you know what? My friend didn't judge. She laughed and said that she finds toothbrushes on her floor all the time too. (She has two cavegirls of her own.) She also said that her dust bunnies look like tumble weeds sometimes. And her laundry is never all done either. I've never once noticed any of those things about her house. And even if I did, I would never judge her by those things.

I'm just going to float this out there. If you come over and my house looks perfect - that means I'm probably not super comfortable with you. If you get here and there is a stack of mail on the counter, a hulk shoe in the front entry and a green bean in the bathroom sink (true story gentle reader) then you'll know how I feel about you.

I'm just glad to have a home where my guest can kick up their cute little pink feet and feel comfortable.

Thanks for reading! Hope you are having a great day.

<![CDATA[Singapore]]>Fri, 29 Aug 2014 15:29:39 GMThttp://mommyohhhh.weebly.com/blog/singapore

I have these two great friends. I will call them "Gary & Kim." They are moving to Singapore next week for two years. Gulp. So far away. (Fans tears away)

I was friends with Gary for a few years before he started dating Kim. I fell in love with Kim the minute I met her. She is everything you want in a friend; smart, funny, charming, sweet, fun, & nice. She actually made me like Gary even more than I already did.   Because how great of a guy gets that cool of a girlfriend (now wife!) I remember telling him "if you don't marry her, I will!"

He did. Then they had two beautiful babies. And now they are moving to Singapore. (Fans eyes again!) We haven't lived in the same city (or state even!) for over 10 years- but them moving around the globe has made me very sad. I liked knowing they were only a few hours away. I'm happy for them and all of the amazing adventures they will have. I'm also sad for me that I won't get to see them for at least 2 years. (Unless I renew my passport and book an exotic trip to visit)

The best thing about being friends with a couple like Gary & Kim is that you always pick up just where you left off. Bon voyage my friends. I miss you already! Hurry home!


<![CDATA[100 days of happiness project!]]>Thu, 28 Aug 2014 16:56:57 GMThttp://mommyohhhh.weebly.com/blog/100-days-of-happiness-project

I started a project called 100 days of happiness yesterday. I love everything about this. The concept is to take pictures o things that make you happy. Totally my wheelhouse, right?

Right! So I took a picture of the pug begging for food and captioned it as my day 1 picture. But then guess what happened? I had another happy moment a few minutes later. And then another one.

And then another one.

I don't NEED the project to be happy- I am happy without committing to 100 days. I think it's just nice to have a journal of happy moments.

Tell me something that made you happy today. I wish you 100 happy days!


<![CDATA[Good thing I had my sunscreen]]>Thu, 21 Aug 2014 18:28:20 GMThttp://mommyohhhh.weebly.com/blog/good-thing-i-had-my-sunscreen
BIG, LITTLE and I were at the pool yesterday morning.  If you are a regular reader you know that we do this frequently.  It's great to go early because we usually have the pool all to ourselves.  Which I love.  Not because I'm anti-social but because it's easier to watch my two when there aren't 98 other kids running around.  But I digress... So at the pool.  An older lady arrives, and gets in the pool.  No smile, no hello, no greeting of any sort.  Until she points at BIG (think the mean witch in sleeping beauty pointy finger) and shrieks "Do you have sunscreen on those kids?"  I smiled politely, nodded my head and said "I do- I have some on the chair over there if you need to borrow some."  

My approach was kill her with kindness.  She looked surprised. Then a bit embarrassed.  Then she said: "Well, I don't mean to condemn you.  But some mom's don't put sunscreen on the kids and I think that is just horrible."  
Wow.  Imagine if she did mean to condemn me.  The person who did nothing wrong.  But what if my answer was no- I forgot my sunscreen that day?  Then I guess it would be ok in her mind to condemn me?  Who does this lady think she is?  

Do you know something that NEVER happens to Hot Husband (HH) when he takes the boys out?  Strangers never question or comment on his parenting skills.  Never.  EverNot once.  I on the other hand get my parenting style and actions questioned and commented on ALLLLLLL THE TIME.  {When I say all the time, I mean at least a few times a week.  Which is a considerable amount if you ask me.}  But please tell me if you think I'm being too sensitive.  (HH is a really good listener and is always on the side of what's right- and he agrees that men don't get this kind of thing.) What do you think? Has something like this happened to you? 

Hope you are having a great day! Thanks for reading
<![CDATA[Unrelated koo koo business]]>Fri, 01 Aug 2014 13:24:52 GMThttp://mommyohhhh.weebly.com/blog/unrelated-koo-koo-business
LITTLE in a cape and yoda slippers

Two funny and unrelated koo koo things happened this week.

1. LITTLE has started calling me "beer maid." We aren't sure where that came from as it's not a term we use and I don't dress like a Saint Pauley girl. It's funny and adorable just like him.

2. BIG has started stripping. Three times in the last two days I've looked up to this child throwing his shirt & kicking off his underpants.

This is why I don't have a chance to write much- clearly I've got my hands full with these characters.

Have a great weekend pretty people!



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BIG fully clothed enjoying a cupcake
<![CDATA[This wasn't the picture I wanted to take...]]>Thu, 24 Jul 2014 20:05:38 GMThttp://mommyohhhh.weebly.com/blog/this-wasnt-the-picture-i-wanted-to-take

You know when you have the perfect picture all lined up and ready to go? But you don't have your camera/phone ready? And then you run and grab your phone and the moment is lost? Well that happened to me today.

BIG woke up with a nightmare in the middle of the night so we let him stay in bed with us. We eventually all fell back asleep. Then we woke up again. He was all stretched out and adorable on his dad's side of the bed. Where is my phone?!? Unplug it from the charger and/ ugh, moment lost.

But I captured this sweet moment which is even better.

Happy Thursday pretty people!

<![CDATA[The note]]>Mon, 21 Jul 2014 16:57:06 GMThttp://mommyohhhh.weebly.com/blog/the-note
I know this looks like trash. But it is not. This is the chosen card. We must tape it together and cherish it. Lest BIG asks for it and god forbid you threw it away.... It will make for a long weekend for you and a long month for me.

HOT HUSBAND and I are going out of town this weekend. (YAYYY!) My mom and sister are coming down from Chicago to keep the boys. How cool is it that my mom & sister WANT to use their vacation time to watch my kids ~ so I can go on vacation? Not a big user of the phrase "I'm blessed" but I really am!

We are only going for 2 nights and 3 days but I feel like I have so much to do! Clean. Pack. Grocery shop. Write notes to my mom and sis.

So far I have one note. #1. Take BIG potty first thing in the am. Ummm- seriously, do I need to write this down? Probably not. Since my mom had 2 kids and both she and my sister probably go potty themselves first thing in the am... Ok, I will not write notes about every little thing. But I do need to write a few. So here is the list. See picture above for item 1.

2. Don't let BIG con you into making pancakes for all 3 meals. He gets them once a day

3. Don't let LITTLE trick you with "I'm soooooo hungreeeee" 30 minutes after he fed his last 6 bites to the pug. They are con-artists.

4. Text me at least 3 pictures a day.

5. Have fun

That's it. I think. For now.

To quote Daniel tiger; "thank you for everything you doooo" 🎶

Have a great day pretty people!

<![CDATA[Dirty park? Do something!]]>Thu, 17 Jul 2014 17:32:23 GMThttp://mommyohhhh.weebly.com/blog/dirty-park-do-something

I've had looooots of park time this week. I just realized I never shared this with you pretty people.

Hot husband and I took the boys on a hike a few weekends ago. As we were walking we noticed there was a park off the path. Naturally since we are park people we stopped to play for a bit.

When we arrived there were a few people there. Most notably a mom, dad and their 3 year old. We noticed that the park seemed a bit dirty- so we started to clean up. HH picked up glass from a broken mirror, I picked up some cans and water bottles. We did this in addition to playing with our munchkins.

Both HH and I overheard (they were talking loud enough so we would hear) the family talking about how messy the park was. But what I didn't see was any of them DO anything.

Sure you don't HAVE to clean up the park- because presumably it's not your job (that's one thing I overheard the dad say) But YOUR children are playing there. Wouldn't you want to remove any obstacles that could be a danger? Just for the good of humankind?

HH picked up broken mirror parts that this man's little girl was running near. Not because it was his job but because he's a great guy. A great guy who wouldn't want any child to fall on it-ours-his-yours, you get the point.

So rather than complaining about the conditions- do something. Clean up. Call the city's parks department. Do both. But for crying out loud Do something. Besides complain.

<![CDATA[Play- my way!]]>Wed, 16 Jul 2014 16:12:08 GMThttp://mommyohhhh.weebly.com/blog/play-my-way
We are having a cold front in Memphis. (And by cold I mean in the 70's.) We have opted to skip the pool the last few days- not because of the weather but because we can get outside and play.

I took BIG and LITTLE to the park today (after unsuccessfully trying to get HOT HUSBAND to play hookie and go to the zoo.) Let me start by saying that I am a big fan of unstructured and undirected playtime. That being said, here is my tale...

When we arrived at the park, there was a mom and her two kids there already playing. We said hello and off my two ran. Naturally to meet and greet LITTLE's two new best friends. (Note- all people his size he immediately calls friends) I will call her mom number 1 since she was at the park first. She seemed really chilled out and let her kids run and play and have fun.

Her friend arrived shortly after- I will call her mom #2. Mom number two didn't let her son do anything. No playing in the grass. No sitting on the ground. No running. No ladder. No picking up rocks.

Then a funny thing happened. Chilled out mom #1 started to tell her crew no running. No big slide. No none of the fun stuff she allowed them to do before mom #2 arrived. Her boys looked confused.

I should have mentioned earlier that everyone was in play clothes- nobody looked like they were going anywhere fancy after the park. None of the kids were doing anything dangerous. It wasn't that mom#2's child was throwing rocks. Or sitting on an ant hill in the grass. Or running so uncontrollably fast that you might give a gentle "calm down" warning. It just seemed like she didn't want her child to play. At least not his way. She wanted him to play HER way.

And what fun is that?

<![CDATA[The Dining Car = OMGYUM]]>Wed, 09 Jul 2014 13:56:05 GMThttp://mommyohhhh.weebly.com/blog/the-dining-car

Y'all know I'm not a food blogger. But I love food! Especially super yummy, local and reasonably priced food.

One of the BIG cutbacks we made as a family when I left my job was eating out. What used to be a just a normal meal for us is now something we do less frequently. That being said it's now more of an event and it's a special treat. Because it's a special treat, I expect more. I expect the meal to be delicious.

If you are in the mid-south and you haven't been to the Dining Car in Hernando- go! Now! (Well, not now it's 8am- but go soon!)

My dad is in town visiting so I wanted to take him somewhere cool. I remembered the Dining Car was kid friendly with great food. Hot husband raved about the friend chicken and I knew my dad would love it.

I was a bit surprised when we got there to see a lunch buffet set up, as they didn't have one the last time we were there. But the day we went fried chicken was on the buffet so my dad had that. Kids 2 and under eat free buffet so LITTLE (2 years old) had it too. When I tell you that they were CONSTANTLY bringing out fresh chicken, I am not exaggerating. This is no cheesy all you can eat Country buffet with chicken sitting out all day hoping someone eats. It was so yummy that my 2 year old started to scream "more chickens!" Who does that?!? We do!

BIG (4.5 years old) is a notoriously picky eater. He ate every bite of his cheese burger. Y'all, that NEVER happens. NEVER! EVER. I had a mushroom and avocado burger and it was fantastic.

A really fun thing happened next. A train drove by. The boys were super excited. Then the owner came over with a bucket- to draw a number from it. It was a contest to give away a free dessert. LITTLE felt very big pulling a number out of the bucket- and he pulled #11- our table.

The best part about the brownie sundae wasn't that it was free- it was the crunchy cookie crumble on a warm chocolatey syrupy ice creamy brownie. I love dessert but I'm typically too cheap to order them- especially at lunch...holy smokes- when you go save room for the brownie!

Also- know that this is not a paid review. (I promise the free brownie has nothing to do with this post- I was planning to let y'all know about this place prior to our big win, but I am a fan of free!) Great attentive service- not to be confused with annoying pestering. Our drinks were constantly refilled and we enjoyed the whole experience.

It's hard to find really kid friendly places that have yummy food. This is the place. Also they have kids eat free dinner on Tuesday nights. We haven't been yet, but we will.   210 Commerce St. Hernando. MS.

Have a great day pretty people. Hope to see you there!

<![CDATA[Sat, Jul 5, 2014]]>Sat, 05 Jul 2014 14:14:29 GMThttp://mommyohhhh.weebly.com/blog/sat-jul-5-2014

Hi pretty people! It's been awhile. I've missed y'all! It's been koo-koo crazy busy around here. But the good busy. I will tell you all about it soon. In the mean time, I hope you had a great 4th of July. We did!

<![CDATA[How about "don't be a jerk"??? ]]>Thu, 29 May 2014 20:33:44 GMThttp://mommyohhhh.weebly.com/blog/how-about-dont-be-a-jerk
I'm sure you've seen the lists.  They are all over the internet.  The "10 things not to say to {insert every possible group here}." New moms.  Fat women.  Cops.  Homosexuals.  Multi-racial families.  You name it and there is a list out there floating around with at least 7 things NOT to say to someone.  

I try really hard to be a good person.  Sure I fail sometimes.  We all do .  But when I say: "You must be sleepy" to a new mom- I don't mean any harm.  It's more like I've raised my fist in solidarity in a "I get it mama" sorority sister hand-shake kinda-way.  I do not however mean what the list would imply.  "You look like shit."  Or Haaa haaa- you'll never sleep again.  I am simply trying to be nice and have or start a conversation.  Is that so wrong?

So maybe I (or you)  don't know the exact right thing to say.  Maybe we aren' t PC enough to know that's on the do-not say list.  Should you stop talking to people for fear of offending them?  

How about this.  How about if there is a right way or a wrong way (or nice or mean) to take something someone says- take the right/nice way.  Or if you are confused- ask for clarification.  I know this is easier said than done.  If someone says "you are ugly." There is really no nice way to take that.  So feel free to blast them about being rude and their utter-lack of manners. But when I tell you that you look happy.  I don't mean that you usually look miserable.  I simply mean that. you. look. happy. 

Ok, new rule.  How about this.  Don't be a jerk.  And if someone is being a jerk- call them out on it.  Embarrass them.  If it's an inappropriate question- pull out your grade school handbook and say none-of your beeswax.  If it's a rude comment or question- ignore the person.  Put them in the do not respond category.  But please- is it necessary to police what people can and can't say?  

I feel pretty strongly that most people, in general aren't trying to offend you.  (except the ass who tells you that you are ugly- they ARE trying to be mean.) I can't help but think if we all followed the golden rule we'd be better off. Lest we risk just not talking anymore.  That way you can't offend anyone.  Except the person you slighted by ignoring them... 

What are your thoughts pretty people?  

<![CDATA[Overall baby]]>Tue, 20 May 2014 18:36:42 GMThttp://mommyohhhh.weebly.com/blog/overall-babyI was looking through my sisters Instagram pictures the other day and came across this gem. It's one of my favorite pictures. She posted it #86weeksago- but the picture is older than that. This is BIG when he was verrrryyyy little. He is nearly 4.5 now.
The story behind the picture made me laugh so I will share it with you. She said that she was on a business trip in California when I texted her the picture to her. 

My message said:
"I didn't think he could get any cuter and then I put overalls on him. OMG." 

There is not anything much cuter than a little boy in overalls y'all! Somethings never change! Have a great day pretty people!


<![CDATA[Bonkers about bow ties]]>Fri, 16 May 2014 19:57:00 GMThttp://mommyohhhh.weebly.com/blog/bonkers-about-bow-ties Picture

I am BONKERS about bow ties.  Lucky for me they are back in style.  Although I have never cared if something was in style or not.  If I like it, I like it.  I just feel like the bow tie is so timeless.  Not to mention completely adorable.  Especially when worn by the younger generation.  

I am extra lucky because I have a dear friend that makes them.  SHE MAKES BOW TIES Y'ALL! How stinkin' adorable is that?  So essentially I can have bow ties in ANY fabric I want!  If I want a Star Wars bow tie, I just have to find some Yoda fabric.  If I want a Beastie Boys tie- just find the fabric... The possibilities are endless.  

I have finalllllyyyyyy convinced my friend to share her talents with the world and start selling these adorable neck pieces.  With the time and fabric needed to make them- she is charging $18 plus shipping for custom bow ties.  She can make them for: babies, little boys, hot husbands, or pugs. (marcel the pug- we are looking at you!)   She would just need some neck measurements.  Would love to know if you would be interested in buying one (or eight!) from her.  Now... if any of you know where I can find beastie boys fabric, please let me know!

Happy Friday pretty people!
<![CDATA[(Semi) cool mom]]>Thu, 15 May 2014 14:51:39 GMThttp://mommyohhhh.weebly.com/blog/semi-cool-mom

Did you read yesterday's post about hot husband being a cool dad? (If not check it out here: http://mommyohhhh.weebly.com/1/post/2014/05/i-married-the-cool-dad.html ) Anywho- he inspired me.

He probably doesn't even realize it. We had so much fun playing in the mud that I'm trying to figure out how to recreate that same atmosphere. Sure we can't jump in the mud everyday- but we can have fun everyday.

Today BIG reached for some chalk. Normally this is an outside activity for us- but since it's cold out (47 is cold by Mississippi spring standards y'all!) - we needed to do something inside. But you know what? All he wanted to do was hold the chalk. He wrote a bit on a small chalk board we have- but he really just wanted to hold the colors.

Old me probably would have put the chalk away. I probavly compartmentalize too much. My brain thinks chalk = outside only. But what harm is it to bring it to inside play? I have leather furniture (and the already trashed recliner you know about that if you are a long time reader) and hardwood floors- easy to clean surfaces if needed... So why not give in?

Making my boys happy is important to me. So what if I have to clean a face and wipe off the arm of the couch- I'd probably have to do that at least once today anyway. Right? Besides- hearing BIG boast about his mustache is the best part of my day!

Viva la fun pretty people!

<![CDATA[I married the "cool dad"]]>Wed, 14 May 2014 16:09:35 GMThttp://mommyohhhh.weebly.com/blog/i-married-the-cool-dad

HH is totally the "cool dad." He came home from work yesterday and motioned me to the back door. BIG, LITTLE & PUG were already lined up like soldiers. I wondered what he was going to do since it was drizzling and a big muddy mess out there.

He did just what I thought. What I probably wouldn't have done. He released our team into the wet & puddle filled yard.

We had a blast. Sure the munchkins needed baths after, but they get one every night anyway. I love that I'm married to the cool dad. It's way less pressure on me to be cool.

Happy hump day pretty people! Is there anything that you do that makes you the cool parent in your kids minds? Would love to hear about it!



<![CDATA[I'm not sorry]]>Thu, 08 May 2014 18:55:31 GMThttp://mommyohhhh.weebly.com/blog/im-not-sorry

I have a great friend that I will call S. (Namely because her name starts with S!;)   She never apologizes. Wait, that isn't entirely true. She apologizes when she's at fault for something. If she spills your drink she will say "I'm sorry." If you are at lunch together and they mess up your order she will say something like "oh no. That stinks." Or "here, I will share mine with you." I love this about her. She doesn't apologize in that situation because it's clearly not her fault. She did nothing wrong.

I am the opposite. I apologize for EVERYTHING. Not because I think everything is my fault- if the waiter brought her the wrong lunch I would say "I'm so sorry. Here have some of mine." Same meaning but the words are entirely different. You can be sorry that something happened to someone without taking the blame for it. I know nobody thinks it's my fault when a burger comes out and you ordered a BLT. I get that. But why do I lean toward taking blame when something clearly is out of my control? This probably isn't my biggest flaw- but I'm under a microscope these days y'all.

My boys have started apologizing for things they didn't do. BIG can be playing and if his brother falls down near him he says "I'm sorry!"- implying guilt. He did nothing wrong. Or when LITTLE trips and says "I sowwy." Again, he did nothing wrong. No need to apologize.

But they learned it from me. I'm not teaching them a. The appropriate meaning of "I'm sorry." Or b. The appropriate time to say I'm sorry. So while it breaks my heart when one of my cubs falls- "I'm sorry" really isn't the right thing to say. (Although I am sad that happened!) Especially when I'm trying to teach them language, sympathy, and empathy.

I want their "I'm sorry" to be sincere. I want it to be used when they are at fault. I want them to know how to properly use the phrase. So I am sorry that I haven't been a better example for them when it comes to apologizing. I'm working on it. Today I haven't said it once. That is huge for me.

What do you think? Are you an over-apologizer?

<![CDATA[LITTLE is two!  (boo hoo)]]>Mon, 05 May 2014 12:41:21 GMThttp://mommyohhhh.weebly.com/blog/little-is-two-boo-hoo PictureHH, BIG and baby LITTLE. Day 1
I didn't think I'd be so emotional when LITTLE turned two.  But I was. Maybe because I know I'm not having any more kids, but I've been noticing little changes.  He used to point at himself and say "baby" alllllll the time.  Now he seldom does.  He used to say "geeze" now he says cheese. I am going to miss geeze.  (HH & I will probably still say it.  For the rest of his life and embarrass him about it- that's our right as parents, no?) 

That being said- I love watching him grow.  He is an  independent little thing.  He's kinda scared of talking toys- (looking at you mr loud roaring dinosaur) but after a bit of study from a far he figures it out and conquers it. If I had to summarize his first two years I would say this:  he is the perfect addition to our family and we laugh everyday.  Yesterday he was walking around saying "happy day!"  It was indeed! 

I don't think he realized he was the reason for celebration until he saw his AMAZING super hero cake.
And then he saw his birthday loot. Kinda overwhelming for a little guy. He kept saying "toys! toys! toys!!"
Can you see why I'm smitten with my boys?  They are the best! 
Happy Monday pretty people.  
<![CDATA[Little Loves Oxford]]>Thu, 01 May 2014 21:03:16 GMThttp://mommyohhhh.weebly.com/blog/little-loves-oxford

If you don't love Oxford, Mississippi you either A. haven't been there.  B. have a mean old cousin/aunt/ex-boyfriend/boss that lives there or C. are an SEC college football fan that hates Ole Miss.  (Non-Ole Miss SEC readers- I get it, you don't want to like the town where the Rebels reside- but Oxford is AWESOME! And there is plenty to do besides hate colonel reb.  Or the black bear.  or whatever the mascot is.) Any-whooooo... We love it and try to get down there as much as we can.  The food is AMAZING.  (go to the blind pig and get the french dip!) The shopping is fantastic.  It's just a great place to go, get out and walk around. I promise you will love it.

If you go - you have to go to Square books. All three of them. We spend the majority of our time in Square Books kids. The boys can play while we do a little gift buying
LITTLE "stuck" in the phone booth.
<![CDATA[Pug-jinx]]>Tue, 29 Apr 2014 13:42:01 GMThttp://mommyohhhh.weebly.com/blog/pug-jinxPicture
I was going to name this post hijinx.  But that my pretty people isn't really an accurate title.  So I created a word.  Pug-jinx.  If you have a pug (bless you) you know what I'm talking about.  Those of you who aren't lucky enough to be in the pug club- I know what you are thinking.  "But she looks so sweet and innocent on that red blanket."  NOT. SO.  Ever heard the phrase looks can be deceiving?  Well this pug is as mischievous as she is cute.  You see my friends she is naughty to the core.  She is not above: stealing food from babies, stepping on toddlers/repositioning them  to get a better spot on a lap - and clearly she has no regard for my no dogs/babies on the kitchen table rule.  I'm not saying she is the only guilty party here- nor is she the criminal master-mind, but clearly she is a willing participant.  

A judge would rule them guilty. For sure
"You gonna' eat that banana baby?"
Maybe that's why she sleeps so much- it takes a lot of energy to be so naughty.  I will tell you this- naughty or not, she is loved.  
Have a great day pretty people & pugs.  If you are free- hop over to twitter tonight for #pugchat.  It's a hoot.  xoxo

<![CDATA[Easter 2014- what they wore]]>Fri, 25 Apr 2014 13:38:28 GMThttp://mommyohhhh.weebly.com/blog/easter-2014-what-they-wore
I love that the night before Easter I got a text from my friend Lindsay saying "I can't wait to see pictures of the boys tomorrow." That makes me so happy.  Especially when I can't see all the people I love as frequently as I like- I love that we can stay in touch with texts, instagram and the ole' facebooker.  I told her it was going to be good because LITTLE was going to be in seersucker.  Who doesn't love a toddler in seersucker?  So southern and so spring/summer! 

Then another time, my friend Jennifer asked me- "why don't you ever tell us where you get those cute clothes?" I hadn't thought of that- but here you go! 

On little:The seersucker is a hand-me down GAP suit that my mom found at Goodwill for $3. BIG wore it a few years ago on Easter- and now Little wore it.  (You know someone paid a good $50 or $60 bones for their little man to wear it once- since it is in PERFECT condition!) 

BIG wore his linen pants (we've been waiting with bated breath!) from the GAP & the most adorable pastel button down shirt from Target- both were purchased on mega sale. (I'm thinking $8 and $3 respectively)  If you know me in real life you know I don't pay full price for anything.  Well... that isn't entirely true. I paid full price for my wedding dress...& BIG's first picture outfit.  Ummmm... that may be it.  But I digress.    
I know LITTLE's tie is a bit short- and he looks a tad disheveled. That's my fault.  He was nice and tucked in and all proper looking and I didn't get pictures until after they were running up the hill at their great grandmother's house.  Seriously y'all- they smelled like little puppies after... but they still looked cute as can be.  In adorable and cheap outfits!  

I kinda like this kid boy fashion magazine angle... we always see what/who girls are wearing- it's about time to show who the boys are wearing too.   It's so hard to find cute boy clothes- we might just start a revolution!  

Hope you are having a great day!  Feel free to make my day and share this post!  xoxo pretty people
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I can't believe I let Easter come and go without posting the Angry Bunny pictures.  What was I thinking?  2 points to the first person who can guess which baby is BIG and which baby is LITTLE.  

More on this years Easter later in the week! xoxo Pretty People!

<![CDATA[Special times with Daddy]]>Tue, 22 Apr 2014 19:52:02 GMThttp://mommyohhhh.weebly.com/blog/special-times-with-daddy Picture
Hot Husband is like a rock star.  He walks through the door and the boys and pug are all over him like a cheap suit.  It's unreal.  If you know him in real life you know that he is an amazing man.  But to see him through the eyes of our kids is even more amazing.  They worship him.  (don't even get me started on how the pug is madly in love with him!) As well they should- he is a great dad.  Here are a few of my favorite pictures of the three of them as of late.  I love the early morning drawing picture.  You can see the full cup of coffee to HH's right- so I'm pretty certain BIG asked him to draw  a helicopter or elephant- those are two favorite go-to items.  HH is always happy to comply.  Then there is LITTLE trying to strum on the guitar... sweet music to my ears!  I'm so lucky that these three are mine!  Hope you are having a beaut

Picture by SC Photography