I was cleaning up last week so I could decorate for Christmas. I'm not usually an early bird that does it before thanksgiving- but (I can tell you this now) we were out of town for turkey day and I wanted to have Christmas ready for when we got back. (See- more than a pretty face my pretty people. Didn't want any of you hoodlums to rob us!) Any-who, my MIL had a free day last week to watch the boys so I could get all Christmas-y. I thought I would turn on Christmas music and drink hot cocoa- but what I did was decorate like an animal. In silence. No time for cocoa. Just time for glitter, stockings and the advent calendar that is missing a few parts... But I digress. I wanted to share with y'all some of the treasures I found during my x-mas decorating prep.

1. My Grease 2 DVD. Not that it was really missing since HH just gave it to me a few weeks ago. It mysteriously Xmas stuck at the BOTTOM of a stack of DVDs. I'm totally not one to name names but he was just making fun of the movie yesterday so he probably buried it.

2. Favorite eye shadow brush

3. Some buttons! My favorite being I ❤️wizards

4. AN AWESOME Olan Mills picture circa 1988 with moi & some girl with the same parents (respect her privacy please gentle reader) Clearly we are super stylish. With great hair. My best friend. Even if she won't let me talk about her on here.

5.Buzz light year domino

6. Two pairs of baby finger nail clippers

7. $4.79 (score!)

8. Wrench

9. St Patrick's day card I bought for my girlfriend in Denver. You know who you are. It was the thought that counts. Will send it next year!

10. I'm 1 today! Ribbon. Technically this could go with the other buttons I found since it's a pin back but it's special. Totally forgot I bought it & LITTLE didn't get to use it. ;( good thing my friend Mildred's baby is 1 later in the month. I will seem with-it and prepared!

11. 8 dinosaurs

11. A dust bunny that could pull Santa'a sleigh. Didn't want to take a picture and gross us all out.

Happy December my pretty people!

12/2/2013 14:55:43

As I just found a dried up pop tart circa last Xmas in my ornament container while I decorated, I totally get you! And FYI--I thought that was ur MOM in that pic. Scary how much you look alike.


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