I've been a stay at home mom for six months.  Man has the time flown by! If you are a regular reader (i love you!) you know that I'm a mama to two adorable little boys and one naughty but beautiful little girl pug named Beulah.  This isn't the first post about the pug.  Check out http://mommyohhhh.weebly.com/1/post/2013/11/the-pug-life-chapter-1.html if you aren't familiar with my relationship with her.  In these past 6 months I've learned several things about Beulah.  They are as follows:
#1. She hates IRON MAN. With a passion. He doesn't even belong to her but she will sniff him out to torture him. He talks. She really doesn't like that.
#2. She stalks the baby and tries to steal his food. (banana peels aren't usually on my floor!)
#3. She is down with snuggling any time
#4. She likes the finer things in life: fresh out of the dryer aden + anais baby linens.
#5. She likes to nap with my oldest son. You know- the one that makes Darth Vader noises in her face. She never wants to nap with me... unless we are the only people home...
#6. She thinks UPS, Fed-ex, the girlscouts, the lawn guy, the candidate asking for our vote and the neighbor delivering a botched mail delivery are all trying to kill us. Mow-hawk up and everything. 
#7. She likes to go outside about 73 times a day.  She tip-toes in the rain and snow while she secures the perimeter. 
#8. She can nap upwards of 22 hours a day
#9. She's like a shark at meal time- circling the baby's high chair
#10 She totally gets on the table when we aren't home.  It's glass.  I see pug prints.  I'm no Colombo but she's the only animal in the house. 
#11. While she has a dog bed, she also makes herself at home and uses any ole surface she likes when it's nap time (one of her nap-times). Here she is on the baby's prized Brobee pillow.
#12. Starting around 5:15- she sits on guard looking at the door waiting for Hot Husband (her boyfriend) to get home.

#13. I don't know what we'd do without her.  It brings a tear to my eye to even type that.  My three boys are so in love with her that we'd be devastated if something happened to her. 
She is
AWESOME with our kids.  If you are thinking about getting a dog- call your local pug rescue folks.  You won't regret it.  They will hook you up and I bet you will fall madly in love the way we have.  (even if you are said pug's 4th or 5th favorite person in the world) You can probably expect your pug to require you to treat him/her like royalty~ but they are royalty.  You'll catch on soon. 

Thanks for reading pretty people. Like MommyOhhhh on facebook if you haven't already.  (also notable that autocorrect sometimes changes pug to pig.)

3/15/2014 18:01:44

I have 3 PUGS & I absolutly agree with you. More then 1 is way fun. Lol. Ur pug is adorable.

Sarah Jones
3/15/2014 18:28:52

We LOVE her. Your little bean. In fact, we are in love with your whole family! You guys are SO awesome!!!

3/15/2014 20:13:18

I have a 12 year old fawn pug named Ryleigh...my black pug Raven died August 2012 ar the age of ten from cancer she had fought since she was 4...my heart aches i miss her so much...she was rescued from a puppymill when she was 6 months old..she was mostly blind from entropian she was so tiny and weighed around 13 pounds....she was very skiddish and onlu trusted me...when she finalky succumbed to the cancer she had fought so hard....i almost died of a broken heart i loved her so much...

3/15/2014 21:13:52

Wonderful. I lost my black boy 2 months ago and he was just the best dog. Now I treasure the time I have with my cream girl, even when she's being a madam! This blog sums them up so well, thanks for making me smile! X

3/16/2014 01:27:10

I love your blog and family!
You summed it up so well. My Eli thinks he's prince. Always has to be on top of couch, in bed ( on top of the pillows, as long as he's above you. Lol).
Pugs are wonderful companion to all. I love my Eli

linda fogg
3/16/2014 01:38:03

Well put together and so very true. I have 2 pugs Rosey and Sophie 13 & 11. I cannot even think about loosing them :'(. They love everyone unconditionally. They are my ♡.

3/16/2014 02:25:07

We have a 4 year old fawn. His name is Baron and our most precious posession! We don't have kids so he is totally our baby! Love, love, love my baby boy!

3/16/2014 03:48:04

Great blog. No truer words. My first pug passed at 15 and now my Daphne is 15 in two months. My heart already breaks cause I know she won't live forever here !

Jennifer Williams
3/16/2014 06:11:37

That was great! We have 2 pugs, my oldest is 12 tomorrow. He is a newly diagnosed diabetic and is on insulin now. He was our first baby and I don't know how I will cope whenever it's his time to go. Pugs are the best and are so loyal and loving.

3/16/2014 06:33:34

I have a pug and I swear she was a comedian in her previous life. Whats not to love about,them.

3/21/2014 11:05:59

Wonderful post! I have a pug too, Maya Louise. She is my life, my sun when i wake up n my sweet dreams when i fall asleep. A Pug is a gift from God!!! They fill our heart with pure love!

3/21/2014 11:55:28

I have a three year old pug named Pepita. Pugs pugs pugs... maybe they are angels in disguise.

Cindy Mayville
3/22/2014 16:25:03

Just got our 2nd pug 4 days ago. She is 12 weeks old & actually my other pug's half sister. Same daddy. Different mommas. Our boy is Wally & 2 1/2 years old & the new little girl is named Eva. They are quite the twosome. My husband thinks that they know that they are funny.

3/22/2014 16:44:47

I rescued my pug, Mocha, and she is WONDERFUL! I love her to bits - she is quite the character, is quite the diva and leaves me feeling so happy and proud i could provide a great, safe home for her. Older puggies need love - and they sure can give love, too!

3/23/2014 10:59:45

That is hilarious! I agree with your husband! Thanks for hating your pug story! ;)))

Tricia Austin
8/27/2014 11:19:55

You're the cutest mom to the cutest family!!


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