BIG during happier times when the A & B block were safe and sound.

I have this friend. I will call her "Carla." She's a semi-newish friend and she is AWESOME. I used to clean my house when she was coming over, but now I don't. (Regular readers, you know why! New readers- go back and check it out!)

But I digress...

Carla has a son LITTLE's age and we get the kids together about once a week. The play dates are always so nice because the kids play really well together. She's one of the few non-family member adults that BIG has really warmed up to.

Earlier in the week we took the kids to the zoo. It was such a beautiful day- everyone got along perfectly, no melt downs- the boys chased sea lions... It was fantastic. Until BIG threw his prized possession (a letter A block) up in the air and it landed perfectly down a drain.

What the h-e-double hockey sticks! Michael Jordan couldn't make that shot if he tried! The drain was perfect block size so the physics of the shot had to be perfect. And BIG's shot was perfect.

Damn it.

We were both shocked and then alarmed at the mere chance that block went in the hole. (Clearly big enough for a block but soooooo tiny I couldn't get a hand in it) So while I was panicking on the inside I had enough sense to play it cool and use the smoke and mirrors I carry at all times to divert BIG's attention and move him along to something else.

Look a dragon! Let's go see!

I thought the A block was gone for good. Which wouldn't normally be an issue but the A and B blocks are THE chosen blocks. We really don't care much for C-Z blocks. They are just blah. Clearly no A or B. Those two go together like peanut butter and jelly.

So I did what every mother would do. I hid the B block. Because if you give the B block the child will wonder; hmmmmm B is great but I reallllllllly love the A block the most- and I always have the A & B together, so where is the A block?!?!?

Try telling a four year old that it's at the bottom of the grate in the tunnel under the prairie dog lair. (**remember you threw it in there mr physics on your side's got nothin' on Michael Jordan!) So I hid the B block. It's been three days and I haven't thought about what I will do when said child asks for his blocks.

Then tonight I got the best text ever.

Just so you get the full impact of the text picture. O M G

Carla saved the block! Seriously. SHE SAVED THE A BLOCK pretty people! For BIG. Because she's that person.

She didn't put on her super hero cape to save her own child's prized possession. She did it to save MY child's block. Do you see why I like her? Now when BIG asks for the blocks I can say "Mrs. Carla the block saver has it." He will smile big because he likes her. I do too.

I hope all of you pretty people are lucky enough to have a Carla in your life.

10/24/2014 18:55:52

Go "Carla"! Such a sweet thing to do for Big!

Block Saver
10/25/2014 01:55:43

This is totally not fair, sweet friend. My preggos hormones can't handle this. But I had to make sure correct credit is given. Hubby was the hands behind the rescue. He brainstormed with me yesterday and smuggled in the tools. I just juggled our kids and random kiddie crowd control so he could work. Either way, there isn't much I wouldn't do for sweet BIG or your family. :-)

10/25/2014 05:09:37

great story glad there was a happy ending! I agree everyone deserves a Carla in their life. Great save Carla!

10/25/2014 05:34:25

Yay! Way to go Carla! And way to go Big on that awesome shot!

10/25/2014 06:26:16

That is awesome! I

10/25/2014 06:30:50

Now THAT is a keeper of a friend!!


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