I love a good before and after photo. You've lost 87 lbs and you have your old you picture on the left an the new you on the right- I will always look and read the story. You cut 12 inches of your hair off to donate to locks of love- side by side I will study the pictures.

So I thought I would show y'all my own before and after pictures. Unfortunately I didn't lose 87lbs or donate my hair- I just cleaned up a bit. (It's really not that unusual gentle reader- I know my last two posts referenced cleaning, or lack-there-of. For the record, I clean almost daily.)

The before picture was taken after BIG took out a bunch of toys. The after photo was taken after I collected said toys and dumped them in the bin.

The after-after picture (I'm giving y'all a bonus after pic! For free!!) is from when LITTLE heard me picking up. He was none too pleased. So he dumped out the racoon toy bin (it's totally adorable & periodically available on zulily!)

Somedays I'm not sure why I bother picking up while BIG and LITTLE are awake. I just pretend I'm feeding the racoon.

Hope you had a great day pretty people.

10/28/2014 14:00:59

Love this! Enjoy it and relax! Everyone grows up way too fast these days!


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