I am BONKERS about bow ties.  Lucky for me they are back in style.  Although I have never cared if something was in style or not.  If I like it, I like it.  I just feel like the bow tie is so timeless.  Not to mention completely adorable.  Especially when worn by the younger generation.  

I am extra lucky because I have a dear friend that makes them.  SHE MAKES BOW TIES Y'ALL! How stinkin' adorable is that?  So essentially I can have bow ties in ANY fabric I want!  If I want a Star Wars bow tie, I just have to find some Yoda fabric.  If I want a Beastie Boys tie- just find the fabric... The possibilities are endless.  

I have finalllllyyyyyy convinced my friend to share her talents with the world and start selling these adorable neck pieces.  With the time and fabric needed to make them- she is charging $18 plus shipping for custom bow ties.  She can make them for: babies, little boys, hot husbands, or pugs. (marcel the pug- we are looking at you!)   She would just need some neck measurements.  Would love to know if you would be interested in buying one (or eight!) from her.  Now... if any of you know where I can find beastie boys fabric, please let me know!

Happy Friday pretty people!
5/16/2014 09:05:24

Keeping my eyes peeled for beastie boys or run DMC fabric...

5/16/2014 09:14:10

Yes I want a tie! Does she have any to pic from or do I need to send some? Would love to see pics of what she has. Will measure the squirt's neck. Ohhhh, what about a matching one for dad!?! Too much?

5/16/2014 13:14:29

My dad has never worn bow ties. But once he retired, he's the bow tie master! Thanks for sharing.

5/17/2014 00:28:18

I adore bow ties too!!! Your little boy is SO precious in his!

5/17/2014 02:05:10

How adorable! If I had a boy, I would embrace the bow tie trend too! Super cute. Has your friend thought about opening an Etsy shop? Good luck!

5/19/2014 06:30:32

Two Beautiful children!


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