I Love the Christmas traditions my folks set up for me. The first is Christmas pajamas. They usually match but not always.

Another tradition we have is the Santa picture. We have it every year but one or two when Santa creeped out my nameless sister (respect her privacy gentle reader- she didn't ask for the limelight) Yes those are high waisted Calvin Klein jeans. We were cool before they were cool. And yes my mama probably put a bowl on my head and cut that hair...Don't you judge me.

My aunt has a precious tradition of making cookies with her baby girl... Errrr... She's not a baby anymore but it's tradition. They have fun and love doing it. To me that's what this is all about. What traditions do you have pretty people? I'm looking to add a few fun ones!

12/21/2013 06:04:48

Those pics are all adorable! We do elf on shelf tradition & we paint our kids hands red & green & do handprints around our Xmas tree skirt each year since our first baby was born. Is getting to be a pretty skirt now.

12/21/2013 06:57:07

Adorable pics! We would always attend midnight mass then were allowed to open one present when we got home. It was almost a tease but it was fun!

12/21/2013 12:56:26

Mel has an elf BUT I had an elf when I was little so I had an elf on the shelf before it made millions....why my mom didn't think to mass produce those I'll never know-ha! My elf looks different tho-pointy ears and rubber boots but my sisters had the ones like they have now. Mine still comes to visit every year and I love it! We also make christmas cookies...homemade everything...cookie, glaze, and icing on top! They are INCREDIBLE!! Terrance also reads the christmas story on Christmas Eve and we open gifts that same night. It's all about Santa Christmas Day. I love the pajama thing and Mel usually has some but it's no guarantee.

10/30/2014 02:40:45

We do the advent calendar! We have a little tree specifically for the advent books. They are little books that are also ornaments. We read a book each night before bed and we hang it on the tree. But the tradition that is kind of unique to our family is:

we have a big family and Christmas morning was usually open presents, then a huge breakfast, then play with our new stuff for a little bit before we had to rush here...and rush there. Well when we moved to another state...we started a new tradition. We fixed a lot of finger foods and sweets and we did our Christmas on Christmas eve. We'd open presents and get to play for a few hours then we'd go to bed and wake up at like 4 am Christmas morning to go back to TN to visit family. We ended up moving back to Tennessee but the tradition stayed - but not the leaving at 4am. (Traveling over the mountains at around sunrise with snow capped mountains...that was the only time as I kid I didnt mind waking up so early. Lol

When I moved out on my own for a couple of years, I did the Christmas Eve with my parents as usual, but went back home so my little one could have his Santa morning and I refused to do all the traveling on Christmas morning....so we spent all day playing with each other.

Now that jacob and I are with Jeremy...this will be our first Christmas in Memphis so I'm not sure what the traditions will be like now, but I'm looking forward to getting to spend it with his family, as well as mine! =)

Another tradition my mom and I have is the day after thanksgiving (we rarely go shopping, we have a few times and it's fun but crazy) we put up our Christmas tree and decorations around the house. It's usually just mom and me, since dad doesn't really care for that kinda stuff...but he does enjoy watching us decorate. Jacobs first Christmas he was on baby duty while we decorated. Hehe


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