LITTLE boy has been verrrrrryyyyy clingy these last few days. So much so when I stop walking he bumps into me. He gives me a grin and a little smoochy sound just at the time I start to need a little space. Then I realize he won't cling forever. Then I tear up and he smoochy sounds me again. Cling all you want dude!

1/3/2014 09:18:36

Enjoy every minute of it while you can.

1/3/2014 11:20:57

We're in the same boat. Max follows me around like my shadow & wants no one but me if I'm there. But just when I'm ready to throw my hands up in frustration, he lays his sweet head on my shoulder, snuggles up close & I melt. I still breastfeed him at bedtime & rock him to sleep which I would have never done with my daughter. But he's likely my last baby (unless my husband changes his mine or God gives us a surprise) & so I'm breaking all my rules with him & cherishing ever last sweet baby moment with him. I was a little melancholy when he turned one b/c he's not a baby anymore. One day I'll be wishing that he was still following my every step again. Until then I'll appreciate I have 2 shadows.


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