Hi. Hope this finds you well. Today I had the pleasure of visiting one of your stores. Boy is it popular! I pulled up at the same time as three other moms. Between the four of us we were all stalking out the parking spots not closest to the door but closest to the cart return. You know that's where we can load up our kids, grab our diaper bags and (gasp!) items to return. Surprise surprise when three of the four of us had returns and there were no carts in the cart return. I'm ok with that because it's early, you want to keep your parking lot clean and it rained early this morning.

You are kind enough to keep about 30 carts outside by the door. (All wet because of the early morning rain- not your fault) And about 100 dry carts inside. As you know, the carts are packed in so tightly that it makes (a sardine tin look roomy!) just walking by a challenge. Never mind the amount of strength it takes to hold the equivalent of two sacks of potatoes, a return bag, the hand of a wiggly toddler and my big purse/diaper bag. (This should peak your interest because there is money in there that I could presumably spend in your store!) all the while trying to pull a cart out. Again- to presumably use it not only to stroll my kids around but to buy your products and fill up said cart. So it would probably surprise you that while the other mamas and I struggled to get carts out of the cart jail there were five employees standing there. Watching us. Not helping. I can only imagine that they were on the clock as they were all in uniform and talking TO THE STORE MANAGER. Yep the store manager let customers come in, struggle with carts,not get greeted by anyone in the store (the 5 of them plus 2 working cashiers) and look annoyed when we walked by and they had to inch their little frat party over so my cart would pass. I wish I could say 'kids today' in a grumpy old man voice. But those were not teenagers working. These were grown ups. Who should know better. Even if this was a meeting, I would imagine that your employee handbook says that this behavior is unacceptable. (If I had your job it would be) Maybe even have a bullet point that the customer comes first? Maybe??

Now let's talk about my exchange experience. I was nearly able to return my item without even hearing the clerk's voice. Quite a feat! Until she said 'credit your card' I wasn't sure if that was a question or statement- especially since I explained it was a gift and that I needed store credit. I had little confidence that this was done correctly so I decided to stay, shop and use my store credit. I was surprised when it was issued properly. Point for you! Not surprised when the MANAGER rang me up and didn't say a word to me. Or acknowledge my year & a half old son that was waving and saying Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! NOT. A. WORD. I had to remind him that I had a loyalty card (he did give me a really big sigh at that point- kinda like I just told him his cat was hit by a bus)... Makes me wonder why I have that card.

Sincerely someone who really dislikes shopping in your stores.

1/10/2014 13:12:20

Love the craftily disguised but not naming pic of the store. And ppl wonder why no one shops much after Xmas? Hassles like that!! On a better note my exp w/a return at my fav store--u know, the one w/the $100 cover charge/rhymes w/larget--went well today.

10/30/2014 04:39:30

I've worked in customer service for the past 8-9 years. As a store associate/cashier, cashier, student services as a college, waitress, and in tech support.

Normally, I don't like confrontation, but since I always tried my best to give the best customer service and I know how easy it can be - I have very little patience for crappy customer service. I do exercise some patience...because I know everyone has off days...but your supposed to leave any baggage at the door when you come to work. You shouldn't take your crappy day out on your customers...because they'll take it personally and that hurts business. Plus your crappy day is not their fault. And you never know what kind of day they've had...

So I always tried to be nice and polite, and I'll take a lot from customers before I get upset. I think in the whole 8-9 years of working in customer service...I only got a teeny bit sassy twice. Both were at my tech support job and both were at the store managers not the customers because they were giving ME attitude...and they were the ones that called ME to help them.

So yea, in that situation....someone would've heard from me. When it comes to kids not just mine...but any kids and customer service - I am fearless. Everything else? Meh....let's not create waves. Lol


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