I've had looooots of park time this week. I just realized I never shared this with you pretty people.

Hot husband and I took the boys on a hike a few weekends ago. As we were walking we noticed there was a park off the path. Naturally since we are park people we stopped to play for a bit.

When we arrived there were a few people there. Most notably a mom, dad and their 3 year old. We noticed that the park seemed a bit dirty- so we started to clean up. HH picked up glass from a broken mirror, I picked up some cans and water bottles. We did this in addition to playing with our munchkins.

Both HH and I overheard (they were talking loud enough so we would hear) the family talking about how messy the park was. But what I didn't see was any of them DO anything.

Sure you don't HAVE to clean up the park- because presumably it's not your job (that's one thing I overheard the dad say) But YOUR children are playing there. Wouldn't you want to remove any obstacles that could be a danger? Just for the good of humankind?

HH picked up broken mirror parts that this man's little girl was running near. Not because it was his job but because he's a great guy. A great guy who wouldn't want any child to fall on it-ours-his-yours, you get the point.

So rather than complaining about the conditions- do something. Clean up. Call the city's parks department. Do both. But for crying out loud Do something. Besides complain.

7/17/2014 04:29:56

Someone was complaining about this today. It wasn't even much trash. It wouldn't have even taken five minutes to fix it, but instead they posted a picture of it.

7/17/2014 04:55:46

Ugh! Hopefully you told them to grab a bag and pick up!


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