My friend's daughter Ephie is HILARIOUS! If you missed the president's state of the union address last week- have no fear, here are the Ephie notes.  She's 4. 
Jan 28, 2014 8:13 PM
Live updates from a 4 year old watching the SOTU: is that his wife, why is he hugging her? We are not there because we would get Barack Obama sick.

8:18 PM
Ephie: I would like him to start playing with kids and stop being president. That would change the world.

8:22 PM 
Ephie on SOTU: Too many Americans live in the old times.

8:28 PM
Ephie on Boehner: When you are old, you just get a really runny nose. And that is okay.

8:30 PM
"The environment can be a better place if we looove," Ephie my flower child.

8:38 PM
"Is he asking to get a better job? Maybe he should play with his kids"

8:42 PM
Why are you clapping? "Because everyone else was," Ephie the rank and file preschooler.

8:49 PM
This is my favorite part. I like when Michelle stands up so I can see her pretty, pretty dress. –Ephie

8:54 PM
Ephie on why some people are not standing and clapping: Maybe some people need to save energy to walk to the car after he is done talking.

9:09 PM
"Why is he sad?" Asks Ephie. "Who, John Kerry?" I answered. "Yes, the sad man. Maybe someone sold his house." 

9:18 PM
Ephie asked if we could be done watching the SOTU. So, I asked her to tell me one thing that she learned. "I didn't even know that green neckties with stars existed."

9:45 PM
I just tucked Ephie into bed and she said that she likes Barack Obama because he jabbers.

2/3/2014 06:46:25

Thank u Ephie! I missed it on tv but you covered all the important points! Love it.

2/5/2014 04:24:42

Omg I LOVE the logic of a 4 year old. She has good ideas & should rule the world!!


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