When most people come to Memphis they want to eat BBQ and see Graceland. Not my sister y'all! She wants to go to an adorable shop in cooper young called Toad Hall. It is so stinkin' cute- you know, the kinda place where you want to buy EVERYTHING! Even stuff that isn't my style- I want that stuff too. But for today I will post pictures of stuff that is my style that I do want...

Go there! It's a great place to buy gifts. Especially gifts for me! Kidding. Kinda. 2129 Central. Go! We'll- not now they are probably closed- but go as soon as you can when they are open!

12/28/2013 13:05:24

That looks really cool. Put it on my "to do" list for when I visit!

10/30/2014 03:08:10

Gonna have to check Toad Hall out!!!


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