Here are some ideas for family treats. 

Three words: Chocolate.  Hazelnut.  Cigar. Probably not the most PC thing to put on a family treat post- but YUM-O!  Maybe save it for New Years eve after you put the munchkins to bed but before you start your "I'm going to eat well" resolution.  $9. 

We LOVE the loveless cafe.  You may have seen it featured on the food network - that doesn't even do it justice.  I am not a jam or a jelly person.  HH MADE me try this when we were there.  I would have licked the container clean if we weren't in public.  They ship.  But if you are within a 44 hour radius of Nashville- go there.  Soon.  We will meet you there.  $10http://store.lovelesscafe.com/product/blackberry_preserves/biscuits-preserves

How STINKIN' cute are these?  Can't you just see putting them out for a NYE party?  They are in the December issue of cosmo but when you go to the website onepreppycookieblogspot.com you can see all the super adorable cookies she's made.  I am in love with her monogram stuff and the barn yard cookies.  Super cute.  

Tiffany playing cards.  These are a little bit luxury for only $30. My sister (who will remain nameless) and dad have an on-going game of Gin Rummy that has been going on for at least 10 years.  They play a penny a point and while my dad keeps score (he also cheats) I doubt these two will ever pay up.  This would also be a pretty way to play 52 card pick up- since there is always that one uncle who loves that game.  Or in my case- my dad.  Sorry Monica- don't fall for it!  

This is one of the best traditions that my mama started when I was a wee little tot.  Matching pajamas.  I'm glad this trend is popular now because there were years where she searched high and low to find matching sets.  

But let's be honest- none of this stuff matters if you aren't spending the holidays with friends and family you love. Hope you get to see all of your pretty people in the upcoming weeks. I know I am! Maybe even in matching jammies.  xoxo

11/26/2013 06:22:12

Get your crafty cousin to bake u those cookies! You know she'd be all over that!


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