Ok pretty people, one month and 1 day until Christmas!  Have you started shopping?  Are you done?  It's crunch time for those of you that celebrate Hanukkah - that starts in 3 days.  THREE days people!  What are you doing reading my blog if you aren't done shopping??? Luckily for you some of these gift ideas can be shipped overnight.  {{Exhale}} Here I go.  Know that I'm no gift giving expert- or child toy psychologist- just a mama that is telling you what my little guys have loved this year.  

My BFF gave me the book Peek-a-WHO?  when BIG was just a little guy.  He LOVED it!  Little loves it so much that he ate it.  This book is fantastic- BUY it!  Read it.  Go see the movie when it comes out. $7ish.

Both boys love this.  You may regret buying it for your own kids because they will run over your feet with them.  HH had a truck induced injury from it last night. BUT if you want to give it to someone else who has kids- GREAT idea.  The kids love it! $20ish


HH picked this out and I wasn't all that impressed.  Until we got it home and opened the packge. BIG is BONKERS about this laser peg set.  It's battery operated and it flashes colors and you can build a tower. You can spell worlds and say the alphabet.  All good fun. It's exclusive at target for about $20.  I saw it on sale last week but it's not showing up on the web site.  There are other styles- a butterfly kit, a construction kit.  Prices range from $15-60. 

Lite Brite.  Oldie but a goodie.  $15ish.  Buy the mama and daddy some ziplock bags too if you get this game.  We count pegs, name colors, write letters and numbers in light... it's good clean wholesome fun.  I searched high and low and only found the unicorn-esque pink/purple one- but I believe it comes in more masculine colors.  If that matters to you.  Clearly it does not matter to me.  

Hex bugs.  They also make hex goldfish ($15) that swim in the bath tub.  We only have the land version.  We gave the fish to a friend for his birthday a few weeks ago and it was a big hit.  He squeeled!  Plus mommy doesn't need to buy fish food.  Win-win!  Non-eating robotic bugs & fish.  Brilliant!  Especially when mommy doesn't like creepy crawlys or swimmy-wimmys.  These are on sale now at a super sale price.  GO GET THEM people.  (lookin' at you wiggy & pheasant) These are cooler than the zsu zsu pets of the past and way less annoying. 

The Daniel Tiger game.  We are BONKERS about this game.  And by we I mean BIG.  He loves it.  Begs for it.  Talks about it. Wants to marry it.  Best purchase ever.  He's "playing" it as I type.  I type "playing" because he's really just talking about the colors, the characters, the town- so he's playing by his own rules.  That's my boy!  Amazon prime can get it to you overnight. $30. 

What I'm not buying my boys:
1.  This BEAUTIFUL VELVET blazer from Jcrew.  $140! 
(just because I'm too cheap to buy it doesn't mean I'm too good to take your hand-me-downs if you buy it and your boys outgrow it.  Looking at you Briana!)
2. Drum set
3. Jr Science kit.
Come-on- now: They are 3.5 and 1.5 (again 40 months and 18 months if you keep track that way!)   


What I'm buying my boys this year:
1. Goldfish hex bot- target $15
2. Laser peg light up building set $19
3. Little Prince and Fox HANDMADE push pillows. I've purchased a few things from Laura who has THE CUTEST ETSY SIGHT I'VE EVER SEEN! Check it out! It's called The shop of worldly delights.  What a perfect name! Like her on Facebook too.  She said she's going to be running some specials in the next few days in the spirit of thanksgiving.  She has super cute ornaments, scarves, NESTING DOLLS! and all around cute stuff.  Trust me.  I don't know her but I love her work.   https://www.etsy.com/shop/shopofworldlydelight/about?ref=l2-more-about
4. Another Peek-a-who book.  Our first one is in Little's belly. 

Unfortunately I am not a paid product endorser - so all of this stuff is stuff I genuinely love.  I will update you with gift ideas for your men-folk,  girlfriends/sister/mama/self etc. the rest of the week.  

Happy shopping pretty people!

11/24/2013 23:19:19

Keep those ideas coming! Love etsy & will check out ur rec. however those bugs are creepy looking & I'm tired of having Legos, magnetic dress up pieces, etc in ziplocs all over our house. I need ziploc stock!

11/24/2013 23:32:20

Thanks for the ideas.


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