BIG, LITTLE and I were at the pool yesterday morning.  If you are a regular reader you know that we do this frequently.  It's great to go early because we usually have the pool all to ourselves.  Which I love.  Not because I'm anti-social but because it's easier to watch my two when there aren't 98 other kids running around.  But I digress... So at the pool.  An older lady arrives, and gets in the pool.  No smile, no hello, no greeting of any sort.  Until she points at BIG (think the mean witch in sleeping beauty pointy finger) and shrieks "Do you have sunscreen on those kids?"  I smiled politely, nodded my head and said "I do- I have some on the chair over there if you need to borrow some."  

My approach was kill her with kindness.  She looked surprised. Then a bit embarrassed.  Then she said: "Well, I don't mean to condemn you.  But some mom's don't put sunscreen on the kids and I think that is just horrible."  
Wow.  Imagine if she did mean to condemn me.  The person who did nothing wrong.  But what if my answer was no- I forgot my sunscreen that day?  Then I guess it would be ok in her mind to condemn me?  Who does this lady think she is?  

Do you know something that NEVER happens to Hot Husband (HH) when he takes the boys out?  Strangers never question or comment on his parenting skills.  Never.  EverNot once.  I on the other hand get my parenting style and actions questioned and commented on ALLLLLLL THE TIME.  {When I say all the time, I mean at least a few times a week.  Which is a considerable amount if you ask me.}  But please tell me if you think I'm being too sensitive.  (HH is a really good listener and is always on the side of what's right- and he agrees that men don't get this kind of thing.) What do you think? Has something like this happened to you? 

Hope you are having a great day! Thanks for reading
8/21/2014 09:33:13

I think people expect men to have bad parenting skills & women to have perfect ones. Not fair but that's how the world seems to operate.

Mary Lee
8/21/2014 11:34:11

I agree. I think people are sometimes intimidated to say something to dads but feel like moms should hear it. Why? I don't know. I would never try to get onto or question anyone else's kids' actions in public and I'm a teacher :) Especially not a mom who obviously knows what she's doing like you do.

8/21/2014 15:16:20

Wow! I'm thinking along the same line as Jessica. But wow. Just wow. Good job on your answer!


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