I'm sure you've seen the lists.  They are all over the internet.  The "10 things not to say to {insert every possible group here}." New moms.  Fat women.  Cops.  Homosexuals.  Multi-racial families.  You name it and there is a list out there floating around with at least 7 things NOT to say to someone.  

I try really hard to be a good person.  Sure I fail sometimes.  We all do .  But when I say: "You must be sleepy" to a new mom- I don't mean any harm.  It's more like I've raised my fist in solidarity in a "I get it mama" sorority sister hand-shake kinda-way.  I do not however mean what the list would imply.  "You look like shit."  Or Haaa haaa- you'll never sleep again.  I am simply trying to be nice and have or start a conversation.  Is that so wrong?

So maybe I (or you)  don't know the exact right thing to say.  Maybe we aren' t PC enough to know that's on the do-not say list.  Should you stop talking to people for fear of offending them?  

How about this.  How about if there is a right way or a wrong way (or nice or mean) to take something someone says- take the right/nice way.  Or if you are confused- ask for clarification.  I know this is easier said than done.  If someone says "you are ugly." There is really no nice way to take that.  So feel free to blast them about being rude and their utter-lack of manners. But when I tell you that you look happy.  I don't mean that you usually look miserable.  I simply mean that. you. look. happy. 

Ok, new rule.  How about this.  Don't be a jerk.  And if someone is being a jerk- call them out on it.  Embarrass them.  If it's an inappropriate question- pull out your grade school handbook and say none-of your beeswax.  If it's a rude comment or question- ignore the person.  Put them in the do not respond category.  But please- is it necessary to police what people can and can't say?  

I feel pretty strongly that most people, in general aren't trying to offend you.  (except the ass who tells you that you are ugly- they ARE trying to be mean.) I can't help but think if we all followed the golden rule we'd be better off. Lest we risk just not talking anymore.  That way you can't offend anyone.  Except the person you slighted by ignoring them... 

What are your thoughts pretty people?  

5/29/2014 17:56:16

I never ever ask someone if they are pregnant. I ignore the fact unless they bring it up.

One night I thought I was having a really good hair and makeup day when someone told me I looked tired. I admit it kinda stung and I wanted to say I can fix tired, but . . . Instead I just smiled and said, "nope, not tired at all." Some people don't have a filter when it comes to saying everything that crosses their mind.

Good thought provoking post! :)

5/29/2014 18:00:32

Totally agree! I for one would never say something to intentionally hurt anyone. If I do then it was totally taken out of context. Except of course to the ass who calls me or my friends ugly. His ass is grass! Lol.

5/29/2014 19:26:39

Yeah whatever happened to Thumpers motto of "if you can't say something nice..." Or the sign I've seen in lots of bars & restaurants "be nice or leave". The world is too cruel for ppl to be rude & mean & life is too short not to call those ppl out on bad behavior.

5/29/2014 19:50:13

I love it! I just read one today about Southerners saying not to bring up incest or teeth. Really???

5/29/2014 20:09:26

Oh good grief

5/29/2014 21:01:29

This is funny and so true. My oldest is so honest and inside i want to kill her but instead I'm like... Well at least she told me I'm not the only one that notices my white roots popping through and my mustache !


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