I love that feeling. Hopefully you know what I'm talking about. The feeling of someone going totally limp in your arms. The "I feel so safe with you" feeling. I am lucky enough to feel it daily with LITTLE. BIG does it occasionally. One of the many differences between 18 months and almost 4 years old. (Now is the time when my non-crying self starts to cry! 4! Next month! Time flies!)

Anywho- I noticed it this morning when taking them out of the tub. BIG helps in the fact that he is part acrobat & part fish - he knows how to glide through the water and dismount with (supported) grace. And by using the term grace...hmmm... I may be stretching the definition a bit... LITTLE on the other hand is like a sack of potatoes. Imagine pulling a 28lb wet watermelon out of the tub. <if a watermelon could splash half the bath water out on the floor> That's what getting him out of the tub is like. What he lacks in grace he makes up in trust. He trusts that I will not drop his slippery- wiggly self. He turns into what my mama calls "no-bones Jones." No help. No support. Just 30lb (I've added 2 water pounds for dramatic effect) of wiggly-giggly-wet-silly-squirmy-trusting boy that I hoist out of the tub to dry land. (And by dry land I mean a soaking wet bath mat & tile) He knows I will not drop him. He knows I will grab him and hold on tight. BIG knows too- he just also realizes I need help hoisting him. LITTLE will learn that.

Photo credit; Sweet n southern photography

BIG has that same level of trust with HH as LITTLE has with me. He knows HH will not drop him. He loves to get in this position where he puts his knees on our shoulders and we outstretch his hands towards the sky. I can't do it any more. He's too heavy for me but HH can and does it frequently. My joy comes from watching them. I tried it the other day and while I didn't drop BIG I quickly moved towards the couch so I could set him comfortably down. But he knew. He also knew that I wouldn't have dropped him. Ever.

With trust comes love. Clearly BIG (when he was little) and his girlfriends love aunt KK

Happy Tuesday pretty people. Thanks for reading!!xoxo

12/10/2013 02:18:12

I love all my children!!! They all look so small. That was a great day!

12/11/2013 05:56:27

That is a great feeling!!


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