HH is totally the "cool dad." He came home from work yesterday and motioned me to the back door. BIG, LITTLE & PUG were already lined up like soldiers. I wondered what he was going to do since it was drizzling and a big muddy mess out there.

He did just what I thought. What I probably wouldn't have done. He released our team into the wet & puddle filled yard.

We had a blast. Sure the munchkins needed baths after, but they get one every night anyway. I love that I'm married to the cool dad. It's way less pressure on me to be cool.

Happy hump day pretty people! Is there anything that you do that makes you the cool parent in your kids minds? Would love to hear about it!



5/14/2014 05:47:05

I always loved playing in the mud when I was little! You did marry a cool dad!

5/14/2014 07:54:45

Playing in the mud is so much fun, and since there aren't any real risks (other than dirty floors) -- why not let them! I'm glad you've got the cool dad/husband! Be sure to master your good cop vs. bad cop routine now, while the kids are young. ;)


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