I need to apologize to my mom. No, not for writing "going to A partY" with sharpie on her BRAND SPANKIN' new bedroom set when I was a kid. (But I'm sorry for that too!!! Ooops! But perhaps the nameless sister should have kept a better eye on me, no?) I need to apologize for the wonder woman coloring book saga. If you are an every day reader (as you should be- you could miss something really enlightening!) you will know that my sister and I peeked at Christmas gifts back in the late 70's. Yeah that's wrong- but I hate surprises and I was a little mischievous. Any-who, I saw a gigantic wonderwoman coloring book but didn't get it until my birthday! Nearly a month later! (Y'all didn't know I came from the streets with many hardships did you?) A whole month. In kid time that's 3 centuries minimum. So my confession here is that I did the same thing to BIG. I ended up buying too much Christmas stuff so I put some away for his birthday. His birthday is 1 day before mine pretty people so he also has to wait three centuries for his (rightful- that's my 4 year old self talking/typing there) birthday (Christmas!) gifts. So- mom, I'm sorry. I will never bring up the eons of time it took you to finally give me my wonderwoman coloring book again. (((Never is a LOOOONG time- so I will try really hard not to mention it))) I will also apologize for ruining your furniture!

Pretend like this is my mom and dad's new 70's style dream bureau with bronze hardware

What naughty things have your kids done that you laugh about now? What kind of naughty things did you do as a kid that everyone STILL brings up? (Like the time my sister-in-law drew John Travolta doing a classic stayin alive disco pose on hot husbands bedroom door. Or the time my sister spilled a bottle of nail polish remover on the coffee table and tried to just cover it up with a newspaper... Share your stories my pretties I'm dying to hear!

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1/6/2014 11:28:10

For the record, I believe Chris actually drew that picture. He is the artist after all.

Kris P O'Brien
1/6/2014 11:51:57

He says it was you!

10/30/2014 03:34:53

Jacob colored on the walls once with crayon...but we have Mr. Clean erasers now, so I didn't panic. Lol

Umm....I can't think of anything else he's done.

Me on the other hand....oh boy. I was a hellacious child at my uncle's wedding. But in my defense I was in love with my uncle and he was marrying another woman 😤😫😢. My mother was horrified....and could've easily killed me that day....but I lived on and we laugh about it now. Lol


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