It's not that I want to move.  I don't.  I love our house.  I mean, it's no mansion but it's perfect for us.  At least that's what I think until I wander into an Anthropologie store.  Then I want to move in.  I know I know I know- logistically it makes no sense.  Where will we put the crib?  Where will we walk the pug?  Does fire code prevent Chris from grilling THE BEST CHEESEBURGERS in the world on the premises? 

There are a million reason's why we can't move in.  {Besides that store management wouldn't allow it} I think what I love is the whimsey.  I mean if I had all my plates, coasters, rabbit busts stacked on my table near my mushroom glass dome I would look more Sanford and Son than Chic.  But somehow they: pull it off, nail it and make me wonder why I can't create my own signature look with my cha-cki's. 

I just love the store.  Nearly everything in it.  Even these polka dot **fox butter dishes.  Which by the way I am totally opposed to keeping butter at room temperature- so why in the world do I swoon over a butter dish that clearly doesn't fit in the designated butter area in the frigidair?  Because they are cute and unique and special.  Which brings me to the real point of this post.  

I have cute stuff.  REALLY cute stuff.  For the 10 of you that commented on my first post- (THANK YOU!)  (most of) you saw my wedding registry.  All kinds of cool stuff.  I have great taste.  But I don't use my "special" stuff all the time.  Why not?  Am I waiting for something special?  Some big occasion to use my China?  Like the birth of my first son?  Second son?  The welcoming of Beulah (and Hank!) into our lives?  Nope-didn't use it at any one of those four events.  As a matter of fact I haven't used it yet.  But I'm going to.  This week.  What's the worst that can happen?  I break a piece?  So what.  It's a classic pattern- I can always replace it.  So.  If you are in the neighborhood and you smell fantastic cheeseburgers (no thanks to me) and you stop in- insist I use my China.  

**disclaimer: In this case the fox says- would you like some warm butter that may give you Salmonella?!?  

11/5/2013 14:49:53

Love it...and anthropologie too!

11/5/2013 15:02:45

I think you should get fox patterned china and then host a big dinner party (where COB cooks of course). And you have the BEST taste out of all my friends.

11/5/2013 15:11:03

You do have cool stuff. I think some of that stuff belongs in my house.....

11/6/2013 11:39:01

You make me laugh.

11/6/2013 13:17:25

I'm on my way!!!! Oh and is there something wrong with leaving the butter out?? I'll buy the fox for myself! Ha love you

Kris P O'Brien
11/6/2013 13:24:02


I am not a dairy expert. It's technically legal it just sleeves me out a bit. You can thank my mama for the research and the link!

11/6/2013 13:48:38

Fine! I'll come eat cheeseburgers this Sunday!

11/8/2013 12:01:07

You are hilarious, and I'll move with you!! I sometimes think if I just stayed a little past closing, maybe I could have a sleepover in anthropolgie


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