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The other day I noticed that LITTLE smelled especially good.  I mean REALLLLLLLYYYYYYY good- almost yummy... Which was kinda odd because it was the end of the day- and he hadn't had his bath yet.  But boy did he smell delicious.  Then I noticed that it was because he had chocolate frosting in his hair.  I mean- why wouldn't you have frosting in your hair, right?  Well- that's a good question that he can't answer just yet.  Believe me- I asked and he said "No."  Which is his go-to answer for everything right now. 

Then there is the just out of the bath smell.  I was holding BIG tonight after his bath just sniffing his sweet wet little head.  He must think I'm a bit koo-koo.  And he's right- but he just smelled so fresh and clean.  Not that he normally stinks or anything- but he just smelled soooooo good.  I know this phase won't last forever.  I remember when my friend's son outgrew the good smelling age and started to wear that silly manly teenager deodorant/cologne stuff.  Good grief that's some stinky stuff. 

Right now I'm fine with my boys smelling.  Because it's usually a good smell.  (There are times when they come in from outside smelling like little hound dog puppies- but that isn't the norm.) They usually smell like sweet babies.  I know I will never forget the smell because it's burned into my nose from all the baths I've administered.  

I may just keep a bottle of baby aveeno shampoo on hand just in case- so I can always remember. 
Workin' in the fields earning his keep. {yeah right- at the park goofing off with a kid rake!}
3/18/2014 03:53:44

We used Grins and Giggles Sweet Pea on GA. I'd give anything to be able to find a bottle so I could remember that smell. But they don't make it anymore. : (

3/18/2014 04:19:12

Oh yes they do.... just sent you the link to buy some!

3/18/2014 08:26:41

I love that smell, too - and remember it, even though my boys are now in their teens. Enjoy it while it lasts. I tell my guys that the bathroom smells like a brothel (haha) and I refuse to let my eldest keep his hockey gear in the house -


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