PictureHH, BIG and baby LITTLE. Day 1
I didn't think I'd be so emotional when LITTLE turned two.  But I was. Maybe because I know I'm not having any more kids, but I've been noticing little changes.  He used to point at himself and say "baby" alllllll the time.  Now he seldom does.  He used to say "geeze" now he says cheese. I am going to miss geeze.  (HH & I will probably still say it.  For the rest of his life and embarrass him about it- that's our right as parents, no?) 

That being said- I love watching him grow.  He is an  independent little thing.  He's kinda scared of talking toys- (looking at you mr loud roaring dinosaur) but after a bit of study from a far he figures it out and conquers it. If I had to summarize his first two years I would say this:  he is the perfect addition to our family and we laugh everyday.  Yesterday he was walking around saying "happy day!"  It was indeed! 

I don't think he realized he was the reason for celebration until he saw his AMAZING super hero cake.
And then he saw his birthday loot. Kinda overwhelming for a little guy. He kept saying "toys! toys! toys!!"
Can you see why I'm smitten with my boys?  They are the best! 
Happy Monday pretty people.  
5/7/2014 15:07:29

I agree with you. They are the best!


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