We are not co-sleepers.  Co-sleeping was actually one of the first items on the list.  You know the list.  All new parents make it- the LIST of things I will NEVER do.  (You know what I'm talking about Courtney- my kid will never have sugar.  Mmmmmhmmmm.  Jodie said I will never have toys in my living room.  Mmmmmmhmmmm) We said we'd never co-sleep.  If you aren't familiar with the term it's when a child sleeps in the same room with or in the bed with the parents or siblings.  Now is probably a REALLLLYYYYYY good time for me to tell you that I AM NOT AN EXPERT ON CO-SLEEPING.  (Or anything really for that matter) So this post will not show up in a medical journal or a scientific study.  (My 7th grade science project was about shampoo and how different brands worked on different hair- thank god my sister and her girlfriends came to California for spring break- and let me use them as my hair study panel- so again, I'm not an expert.  On anything really!)

Co-sleeping is somewhat controversial. Folks either love it.  YAYYYY~Co-Sleeping! Or hate it.  CO-SLEEPING = BAD! BOO! (Throw it in the googler and see for yourself- strong opinions on both sides) I'm on the rare side of the opinion- like Switzerland.  I don't care if you co-sleep or not.  It has no impact on me and my decision for my family.  Both sides have valid points but we elected not to co-sleep.  While I was pregnant with BIG- Hot Husband (HH from now on!) did a stint working with a non-profit.  One day a lady came into his office looking for donations of cribs and baby mattresses.  During their conversation she rattled off different facts and figures about co-sleeping.  Some of those stuck with HH and he shared them with me that night. (AGAIN- I'm not judging you if you co-sleep!) We tried room co-sleeping with BIG (that's where the baby just sleeps in the room with you- not in bed) but that was a flop.  His every breath and movement woke us up.  So we moved him into his nursery on our second night home.  Because that's what worked for us.  

Octopus stetch. You'd be surprised that I couldn't find a picture of an actual octopus on a bed stretching- Odd... graphic designers, get on that!
PictureYou bet your DUPA he's adorable
That being said, that's not to say we've NEVER slept with our boys.  Because we have.  They climb all over us to snuggle on the couch, love seat, and rocker (see last week's post!)- which frequently finds one or both of us nodding off into a little nap.  When BIG has a nightmare he's welcomed with open arms into our room.  When little is teething we will let him in too.  On one condition.  It HAS to be after 4 am.  If it's before 4- I will do everything I can in my power to rock him, feed him and comfort him to get him back in his own bed.  If it's after 4 we are kinda resigned to be up for the day so we let him come snuggle with us.  I say snuggle there and not sleep because we can't sleep with him in the bed.  It's like sleeping with an octopus.  Leg here.  Tentacle there.  Uh- no good sleep comes from that.  

LITTLE has figured out our method though.  This morning he let us sleep until 5 and then he summoned HH to come and get him.  After he bum rushed our bedroom door to get in (think he likes our high thread count sheets?) he just couldn't get comfortable.  Flip.  Flop.  Twist.  Turn.  Wiggle.  Giggle.  Headbutt. Cry.  WAHHHH.  WAHHHHH.  After all that carrying on HH (who is not only hot but very smart!) decided to get him some milk.  Ahhhhh- relief.  LITTLE needed EXACTLY ONE SIP of milk.  One.  He gets a little leeway right now because I see a baby molar trying to pop out.  So I know he needed that 1 early morning sip of calcium today.  

11/18/2013 14:50:22

Thanks--I now remember why I'm NOT letting my 2 year old out of the confines of his crib. Ever! If he can't get out of his bed then he can't get into mine. I just hope I'm not grooming him for prison later.

11/18/2013 14:55:22

I'm with you. Our little one always goes to bed in his bed. Sometime he wakes up in ours.


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