I have never met a nesting doll that I didn't like.  **Well.  That isn't completely true.  One of my favorite big box stores (I will NOT tell you the name.  But it rhymes with  Largit) has a little girl bedroom set that I'm not wild about.  The girls are fine but the colors are a bit off.  {Geez people- get a pantone book of hip colors for crying out loud- I don't think you'll find mauve anywhere in it} But I digress.  First paragraph and I'm digressing already. Oh boy.  I will get the hang of this blogging stuff soon.  I have to keep all 9 of you interested in coming back again tomorrow, so I will stay on subject.  Nesting dolls...

So I saw these nesting doll sticky pages (think brand that rhymes with "most bit"- again afraid of being sued without having a lawyer on retainer.) at my favorite store in the whole wide world- ANTHROPOLOGIE.  (I'm totally open for sponsorship Anthropologie!Bet my 9 readers would buy ooldes of your stuff.) 

ANY-WHO... Old me would have bought them- because a. they are nesting dolls.  b. i love office supplies and c. i'm that girl that buys random stuff like that.  But the new me took a pass.  I have decided my life needs to be decluttered and organized.  Don't get me wrong, it hurt me not to buy these bad girls- I even toured the store with them.  As I held in my hands,  I had a conversation with myself (because I'm a little koo koo) 

KPO: What are you going to do with them?
KPO: I don't know.  Maybe send them to the pheasant? (Not her real name.  She does not want the fame associated with the 9 of you that read my blog to know her true identity. But she is very supportive and the #1 blog fan- I just don't want to give away too many details of her identity or she may sue me too) 
KPO: The pheasant doesn't want those.
KPO: Sure she does.  She will think they are cute.
KPO: But what will she do with them?
KPO: I don't know- send them back to you/me? ( <----only crazy people think/say/type this)
KPO: That is ridiculous.  You should be arrested for even thinking about buying someone a gift so they can use it on you.
KPO: Geez- way to guilt trip a gal.

So I didn't buy them.  But it was the thought that counted.  I texted the pheasant a picture of that I'm now calling "the nesting doll most bit's" but her phone was on the fritz.  It was the thought that counts.  This may be the first time she's seeing them.  {{I will totally go back and buy them for you if you want them Pheasant. No obligation to send them to me either.  Because I've grown as a person and I realize the gift should be about you.}}

 Since I've had this realization let me:
1. Apologize to my friend named ... let's just say it rhymes with "Matie" in case she's not interested in the fame either- for those two birthday gifts I bought for you and kept for myself.  Sorry.
2. Brag that I sent my friend "Messica" (not her real name either.  Duh) a text telling her if I had $100 extra dollars I would send her girls fox gear.  Thought that counts. 

**So there.  I'm a liar.  

 But it's true I love nesting dolls.  Below see a picture of my uber cute and fancy nesting girl necklace.  As well as my measuring cups.  They remind me of my mom and sister.  Who will also remain nameless. (see that my mom's been hitting the pinot noir?)  Again- the fame.  Can't we please give my family the privacy they deserve people?!?  Geesh.  

The Pheasant
11/6/2013 10:17:34

Definitely your #1 blog fan. And I love nesting dolls too!!!!

11/6/2013 10:29:36

The pheasant? Seriously?

11/6/2013 12:44:41

I can't believe I'm not the pheasant!! U know I adore office supplies and I also fondly remember playing w/some really old (prob worth a lot now) nesting dolls my grandma had when I grew up. I have nesting snowmen for Xmas that my kids love.

Katie (Matie)
11/6/2013 14:47:33

Love you KPO!!!

11/6/2013 15:08:53

LOL! This is good stuff KPO-keep it coming!


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