Let me start out by saying that I LOVE*LOVE*LOVE magazines and movies!  I just think they get the concept of love all wrong.  Well- mostly wrong.  But remember these same magazine and movie folks are the people that tell you it's ok to wear a blazer and shorts to a job interview.  That being said- most of what you see/read is suspect. 

If you know us in real life you know Hot Husband (HH) and I are in looooooooove.  For real love.  Not the silly portrayal of love you see in the movies and in magazines. That is not real.  Those people are actors and models.  So while we look like a couple you could easily see on the runway or the red carpet- we are just real every day people.  Cut us and we bleed pretty people.  Ok, you get it.  So it always makes me raise an eye brow when I see articles and advertisements with folks doing "coupley" stuff.  
Image by Banana Republic
Like Banana Republic.  I heart them soooooooo much!  I would love to ride a bike on the handlebars with HH.  In the snow!  Past a candy store!! In heels, a miniskirt and a fur cuff sweater!!! But that probably won't ever happen.  (I could fall off & break a hip!) What did happen is that he gave me a beautiful bike so we'll ride together (separately) once it warms up a bit. 
Hotel stays!  I love a good hotel.  Make that a GREAT hotel! The Madison in Memphis (engaged there!) The James in Chicago (Bachelorette party there!) The Alluvian hotel (Anniversary get-away!) in Clarksdale, MS. Mama loves a bit of luxury! That being said, You will NEVER see us check into our room, put our shoes on the fancy 8 million thread count sheets & jump on the bed.  Never. Ever. Ever. That doesn't mean we aren't just as happy as these two- (we are actually happier because we know each other) we just don't behave like a couple of wild monkeys jumpin' on the bed.  (one could fall off and bump one's head!) 
Exercise.  I don't even know what to say. I'd probably burn more calories laughing at HH in a sexy beast workout class then I would doing the actual moves.  All this to say that love in real life is wayyyyyy better than it is in the magazines.  

Someone who really loves you carves your initials into a tree.  Takes a picture of it.  Frames it.  Hangs it on your wall and loves you every day- even days when you don't feel like a sexy beast.  

Thanks for reading!  Hope you have a happy hump day! 
2/12/2014 01:17:22

So sweet!

11/3/2014 14:55:26

Haha loved this one!! I feel the same way as you do! I LOOOOVE movies but idk how many times "love" will be portrayed and in the back of my mind I just think "this is soooo not what real love is like! Who wrote this?!?!"


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