One of my goals for the year was to become more organized. No easy task when you have two little mess makers trying to undo what you do. I decided to take baby steps. I have three points of frustration in my daily life.

1. Laundry. Good grief. It never ends! Yesterday for about 30 minutes all towels, bedding and clothes were clean. (Less what we were wearing obviously.) And then today- four towels, four sets of Jammie's, four outfits from yesterday and one blanket that smells like pee later- I'm not at 100% laundry completion anymore. But- that's ok because I invested in this cool laundry sorter. It probably doesn't seem like a big deal to most people but having my whites, darks and colors seperated helps me know which loads need immediate attention. When my white bag is overflowing it's time! You can pick up a similar sorter from Crate and Barrel for around $40.  This has been a life saver.

2. Missing shoes. I used to spend an inordinate amount of time looking for shoes. Not my shoes- I have those organized in shoe boxes. For the life of me I couldn't keep up with the boys shoes. Until one day I just bought these over the door shoe racks from Target. For about $15/kid I now have my sanity back. Well... As it relates to shoe finding anyway.

3. Toy pick up- here I will brag just a minute. A few weeks ago I posted a picture on my Facebook page that Zulily had THE MOST adorable kids organizers for about $10. Since I'm obsessed with foxes this one tugged at my heart strings. How cute are these little "closet kritters?" While these aren't mine {they sold out before I could order them! I will keep my eyes peeled and notify y'all when they are back!} my friend Katie ordered some and sent me these pictures. You have to have something to stick all the toys in- so why not make it cute?!? It's no more expensive than the boring colors you see out in the stores- these sweet little animals might even encourage kids to help out with the clean up. A mama can wish, can't she? 
Katie's only complaint- and really this is minimal- was that the raccoon toy bin was so cute that her little angel baby emptied out the toys so he could crawl in. It's even cuter now if you ask me! 

What do you wish you could organize better in your life my pretty people? Do you have any tips to give us? If you liked this article please share it- it might just help a friend in need. 

1/23/2014 11:20:53

I have that laundry sorter too & it has changed my life! Are you an ikea fan or hater? 'Cause they have some great organizational ideas, if you like their style.


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