We have a greenish-greyish faux suede rocking chair recliner.  There. I said it.  First sentence no less. It feels good to get that out to the masses {all 33 of you that read this} See haters, my life isn't perfect. (What are you doing reading this blog anyway?  Go away and hate somewhere else- JEEZ!) ANYWAY, it's: ugly, awkward, germ-y and milk stained.  Just last week I actually apologized to a guest in my home because she had to look at it.  

You see gentle reader (I was just informed that outside the victorian era- nobody writes or says "gentle reader" anymore- but #immagonnabringitback!( I'm not what you would call a recliner person.  As a matter of fact, since we didn't have one growing up I had no recliner experience.  (Except in college we had a LAZY friend BOY {*wink*wink- not getting sued because I named names again!} that bought a fancy name brand recliner and the salesman told him he could pee on it and it would just roll off.  +1pt for the fancy recliner sales techniques) 

But back to my tale.  When I was big and pregnant with baby #1 (who I will call BIG moving forward) we decided that we needed a rocking chair for the nursery.  We looked everywhere! (within a 20 mile radius) We would have paid anything! (up to $200)- so you see dear reader because I'm cheap and kinda lazy our choices were somewhat limited.  Then we finally found one that we loved!  Kidding.  I hated it upon purchase.  But it fit our budget and didn't clash horribly with the cute baby bedding I picked.  

Next month we will have had this monstrosity for 4 years.  In those 4 years I have rocked and nursed two babies in that chair. (ok la leche league, I didn't technically "nurse"- I pumped but the same thing so shut up) Chris has performed countless concerts serenading the boys while in the rocker.  We've rocked while reading, watching SEC football, and we've rocked while watching 37 million yo gabba gabba episodes.  

The eyesore supported me when I was pregnant with #2 (who I will call LITTLE) when I couldn't fall asleep in my bed.  It provided comfort to BIG when he woke up in the middle of the night wet or from a bad dream.  There were countless mornings when we found him curled up in the big ugly chair.  It provided comfort and stability when BIG had a broken femur last summer.  You see pretty people, big ugly chair has been very good to us.  Both BIG and LITTLE would curl up in what I call egg man position on my chest while I rocked them to sleep- while rocking in that chair.  I had such a wave of love, warmth and comfort rocking my boys in that chair.

Yet I apologize to visiting folks for it's condition, look and placement.  I said "Don't mind the chair, it's not usually in the living room.  But it is.  Well, it has been since 6/23/13- after we got home from the hospital with BIG in his spica (1/2 body) cast.  

So Big ugly chair- thank you for the last 4 years.  IT's with a heavy heart that I say goodbye and welcome new sleek rocker into our house.  That being said, last night Chris and I were a little frowny faced about getting rid of the big ugly recliner.  (how did I get this far without telling you gentle reader that this chair is totally THE MOST COMFORTABLE CHAIR IN THE WORLD- like sit on your dupa (@$$ in Polish!) all day long comfortable!) So we may not get rid of it.  But we may.  Or we may not.  Our choice.  But I will tell you one thing though.  IF we keep her, I will never apologize for her again.  She helped me sooth my babies and that's more important than anything in the world.  

She better look out though, these two look really comfy in the new chair...

11/14/2013 13:41:46

Is that new one even comfy? Looks hard--I can judge bc I have a booty worn faux suede recliner with (no lie) banana stains, baby vomit, nail polish,& most recently red marker. I don't love it but my baby daddy do!

11/14/2013 15:49:29

The chair sincerely deserves that respect you're giving it. Nothing was better when the kids were little than a comfy chair to rock in, cuddle in, sleep half the night in. When we moved and our chair no longer fit space-wise, we got a chaise. So many memories of cuddling and reading on that chaise. It's in our room now and makes a great place to stack laundry. :)

11/15/2013 01:49:31

No shame in recliners. I look around at my living room and I have a couch with recliners at each end (right side is mine), new fancy wild lazy boy, and old leather that we bought when our 5 yr old was born. I think we may have a problem.

Jynna Galindo
11/15/2013 04:19:47

It is amazing how a price of furniture is some how in any and every way a part of our lives. I Vote to keep the comfy recliner in its hard earned place. The new one just doesn't seem like the boys have room to be comfy in....... Plus grandma rocking the boys in the recliner will be for many memories of ever lasting years to come


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