Ok, if you are a faithful reader, you know I LOVE mail!  LOVE IT! So it's with a heavy heart that I tell y'all that I failed you.  National letter writing day was 12-7 and we missed it.  DAMN!  So as I dry my eyes I will say (type) this: write someone special a letter!  Today. Could be an old friend.  A former teacher.  A nurse that made your delivery experience a little less horrible... They will LOVE hearing from you!  This week BIG and LITTLE got a letter from a friend with stickers.  BIG was over the moon.  (And since I never feed LITTLE- he tried to eat the stickers!) {{don't call CPS- I'm KIDDING!  geesh- he eats us out of house and home.  he ate 6 pieces of cheese today!  SIX!  In addition to three meals.}} A girlfriend sent a thanksgiving card outlining things she's thankful for and I was on the list.  It made my day.  You don't have to send something super fancy.  I've sent a little hello on a post it note before.  Or run to Walgreens and buy a handful of Elvis postcards (I live in the south y'all!) and mail those bad boys off.  Who wouldn't love to come home and see EP in the middle of a Kroger circular and a home refinancing notice?  The point is- send something.  

If you are a techie there is a free app called FELT.  You pick a card, write your message- they print it, stamp it and mail it for you for about $4.  That's the price of a card and stamp.  AND no, that's not cheating- it's the thought that counts pretty people! In my humble opinion now is a great time to send a note.  I am lucky enough to get boat loads of mail this time of year.  Catalogs!  {Free shipping!} Store coupons! ~We haven't seen you in awhile MommyOhhhh- take $25 off your $50 purchase (Yeah Chico's sorry about that.  You really aren't my style but that sweater I bought FOUR YEARS AGO is really cute.  First person to comment gets the coupon!) And Christmas cards.  Lets talk about the Christmas cards for a minute.  I LOVE THEM!  Especially if there is a family- bonus points if someone is in pajamas and/or wearing reindeer ears.  For me it's about the pictures.  That's why I like facebook- but LOVE instagram- it's the pictures.  I want to see your trip to Vermont.  I want to see your bulldog puppy.  I want to see your aunt Alice's tea cup collection.  I'm nosey! Maybe it's the Rear Window voyeur in me but I LOVE it! All of it.  And I know others do too.  That being said- I'm practicing what I'm preaching.  I'm sending three thank you notes out today. There is never a bad time for a thank you note pretty people.  It's a great way to show someone you appreciate them and that you are thinking of them.  So if anyone has helped you, given you a gift or a shoulder to cry on- now is the time to thank them.  Get off your bum and write them a note. I promise It will make them feel just as good to receive it as it makes you feel to write it.  

Sooooooo... Thank you pretty person for reading this.  If you like it (put a ring on it!) share it!  xoxox

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