Happy Good Friday! This is not the fanciest cake in the world but I made it & my boys seem to enjoy it! (Did you read my post about why I typically outsource my cake-making? Go back and read it ;)

If you celebrate Easter I hope it's hoppy! If not have a great weekend!

Happy Thursday Pretty People.  This past weekend we visited Rowan Oak - William Faulkner's home.  Clearly there is a ton of history there- but we really enjoyed stomping around the porch.  LITTLE even did his happy dance.  Go if you are ever anywhere near Oxford, Mississippi- it's stunning! 

Whoever said tax day isn't fun (me!) obviously doesn't have out-of-town friends visiting. It was so great to catch up with our friends Effie (my 5 year old guest blogger- she covered the president's state of the union address for the blog!) Heron and their folks. It was a bit windy by the river but we had a great time.

I love that Minnesota people wear short sleeve shirts in 40 degree weather. So great to see you C&A!


I love those pictures where families reenact pictures from the past.  I hope that one day when my little boys are grown men they recreate these shots for me.  I just think it would be funny.  Enjoy some sweet feet, a hint of derrière  and chunky monkey legs! 

Hope you have a great day!
Picture of the best stroller in the world at the Nashville flea market with BIG, aunt bird, and mama's legs. Note the artsy refection in the mirror photo- was trying to figure our my new camera!
We love to stroll.  Especially when the weather is nice.  That being said- it's ridiculous the number of strollers I have/have had.  My first and THE BEST STROLLER IN THE WHOLE WORLD was a gift from my mom and sister at my baby shower.  It is AMAZING. It's the {swoons when she types the name! throws glitter in the air and hears birds chirping} urban mountain buggy.  I wouldn't have needed another stroller ever except we had another baby. And BIG still liked to stroll.  And I am kinda lazy and baby wearing didn't really work for me- So we needed a double stroller.  I found this one on craigslist for super cheap so I bought it.  It was fine- but it was no UMB.  I knew it wasn't my dream double stroller.  But for that I had to shop around.  And save. 

Then one day on a whim, we drove to Oxford.  Sans stroller.  Oh lord- what were we thinking? We stopped and bought two cheap umbrella strollers.  I knew that wouldn't be my double stroller solution either.  Those things are a nightmare to maneuver.  Think broken shopping cart- where you have to pull more than push.  UGH- more work than actually carrying the boys.  Not for me.  
And then I found our double stroller.  It's great.  But it's no UMB.  The UMB double was not in my price range (it's a stroller- not a car for crying out loud!) So I settled for the BOB.  It's nice and gets us where we want to go.  I've even jogged with it a few times (note: it's much easier to jog when you aren't pushing 60 extra pounds!) But I find myself comparing it to my UMB.  If only the wheel pivoted like the mountain buggy.  If only it was as quick to fold up... The most important thing is both of our boys can ride.  

Up until recently BIG has been like his mama in that he would rather ride than walk.  But in these last few weeks he's been showing a little more independence [gasp/frowny face/smily face/mixed emotions because he's growing up! ] and has started to walk by our side... so maybe it's time to go back to the dream stroller and let LITTLE enjoy being pushed solo.  

Hope all of you pretty people are having a happy hump day! 

I started a tradition when BIG was a baby.  Pictures with the Easter Bunny.  I think this is a semi-new thing.  I don't remember a big bunny at the mall when I was a tot- I'm sure my mom would have had us on his lap in matching Easter dresses the same way we visited Santa.  
BIG's first Easter! You can't see that he's wearing bunny shoes.
As you can see- there are mixed reviews.  Year 1 was a hit.  Year two... Ummm... we were sticking out our tongue and pulling the bunny's glasses.  
BIG's second Easter.
Big's 3rd Easter and LITTLE's first.
Year three was GREAT!  We sat.  We smiled.  We weren't scared.  We had on cute bow ties! (My fancy friend Briana made them) It was perfect.  But it was also planned.  I knew what day we were going to see the bunny.  I talked about it.  I made it sound fun.  "Tomorrow we are going to see the bunny!!!" 
BIG's 4th Easter & LITTLE's 2nd Easter

This brings us to year 4.  LITTLE is clearly not pleased.  It's not his fault.  I kinda just sprung the bunny on him.  No prep at all.  We were at the mall and there he was.  BIG was looking at him longingly from a distance.  LITTLE was in his stroller so he didn't see him.  Until we were upon him.  Then neither one wanted much to do with the bunny.  I snapped this quickly with my phone.  Believe it or not this was better than the package picture I opted not to buy.... I think I've said this before... maybe not all traditions are meant to keep forever.  

What are your thoughts pretty people?  Are you pro bunny?  Do you have something you started as a tradition that you let die?  Tell me what you do!  I read and love all of your comments.



Day like today I'm just not in the mood to clean up the mess...I will put if off as long as possible!

Y'all already know I love hats, mustaches and bunny ears- so are you surprised to find out that I love funny glasses as well?

Hope you are having a great Thursday my pretty people! I will let you know who will sparkle & smell better tomorrow! Xoxo


My baby will be 2 next month! I can't believe it. He has cut back on the number of times a day he calls himself a baby. That makes me kinda sad- but he will always be my baby! My sister and parents gave him an awesome early birthday gift- a 10 week mommy & me music class. It's going to be our weekly date for the next 2.5 months. Today was day 1 and he loved it!

I'm not surprised he loved it. He was actually there before. When I was pregnant with him I took BIG to the same class. LITTLE was dancing too- I thought he might be a rockette!

Happy hump day pretty people!

Hi everyone- I mentioned to my friend Jennifer that I was thrilled to reach the 11,000 reader mark.  (holy smokes!  Who are all of you?!?  Thanks for reading!) She said- "let's give something away!"  YAY!  I love her!  And of course all of you for reading.  So All you have to do is like the blog post on Facebook to be entered.  If you write a comment on the blog- you get another entry.  We will announce winners on Friday!  I have the seascape drop earrings in coral and let me tell you my pretty people- the picture doesn't even do them justice.  OMG!  So sparkly and AWWWWWESOME!  Read below and good luck!  


I'm so delighted to contribute to this wonderful blog.  Like Kris, I have two little energetic boys that keep me on my toes and are, along with my husband, the light of my life.

Kris asked me to write about why and how I came to be a merchandiser with Chloe + Isabel.  More specifically, she asked "how did you decide to sell sparklies?" (Seriously, don't you just love her?! Sparklies!)

My answer might surprise you but I decided to join Chloe + Isabel after reading several articles about our CEO, Chantel Waterbury, in various business journals. I fell in love with the idea of working in fashion for an innovative company with a new, disruptive business model led by an amazing female CEO who was building this lifestyle brand slowly and thoughtfully to offer women a way to earn an extra income through social retail.

Oh, and it was fabulous that I also adored the jewelry. Now I am even more excited to welcome the first fragrance, Jardins du Midi.  

To celebrate Kris and her blog readership and women everywhere, I am delighted to give away a bottle of our new fragrance, Jardins du Midi, featuring top notes of Italian bergamot, juicy mandarin and lush peach nectar and warmed with notes of jasmine sambac, white violet, vanilla absolut and creamy musk.  Jardins du Midi will be released at 10 PM on Tuesday, April 1st, and one lucky reader will get a bottle before anyone else!

And just to celebrate spring, I'm also offering these beautiful, limited edition Seascape Drop Earrings in coral.  

Visit my website at www.stylewithjennifer.com and learn more about why Chloe + Isabel jewelry is loved by fashion editors from Vogue to Real Simple!

Thank you Kris!
Merchandise Manager
Chloe + Isabel
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"Style is a simple way to say complicated things." ~ Jean Cocteau





We've had a bit of rain these last few days. I left the boys clean and in my sister's care for about an hour on Friday. I received several text pictures of this muddy mess. When I got home the boys were in the tub being scrubbed. I will tell you that the pictures don't do the mess justice. We were cleaning mud out of ears for 2 days. The boys bathtub looked like I dumped out a bag of potting soil. But in the end they had a great time with their aunt Bird. That's all that matters.

Hello Spring!  Glad you are here!  Please stay and linger.  You are a welcome visiting season.  May you be longer than summer and shorter than winter.  Here are a few images of my pretty people to get you in the mood for the sunshine & warmer weather

If you ever see cupcakes sitting on the counter at my house... You may not want to eat them.... Thanks to my friend D for making them!

I love photo round up day.  It's the day I get to share some of the awesome pictures I've seen on social medial last week.   As always I have permission from my friends to share.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I did! 
This is Hudson. He is my friend Jessica's little boy. He's all boy living in a house with two little girls. The best part about this picture is the story behind it. He cried when Spider-man didn't win the race. Why? Because Spider-man SHOULD win. Makes me think of my LITTLE one- he gets visibly upset at cartoon hijinx- I have to tell him that the good guy always wins in the end... wish real life was like that!
This my pretty people is a leprechaun trap. It's my favorite picture from St. Patrick's day because HOW STINKIN' CUTE IS A LEPRECHAUN TRAP?!? My friend Andrea makes being a mom look easy. And fun. Totally stealing this idea next year!
This is my friend Melissa's baby. Horses kinda scare me- but all I want to do is hug this sweet neck. I know this horse has the best life and best mama around.
I love baby butts and I can not lie! Ok- seriously, my sweet twin friends Emma and Charlie are WAITING on daddy to come home. If this isn't the sweetest double trouble picture you've seen all week- I don't know what is.
So this has always been my dad's dream job. So when I saw this picture- I haddddddd to include it. Asher is a HUGE hockey fan. His dad bid on a ticket package for a school fundraiser and won. The package included a ride on the zamboni. Can you believe it?!? I am so glad mom and dad caught this picture and were able to give this cutie this great experience and memory.
Do you remember the first time you saw the Wizard of Oz? I don't either- but I know I liked it. My grade-school friend Nancy took this picture of her Brooke seeing it for the first time. Looks like she's into it too!
Have a great Wednesday pretty people!  Thanks to everyone for letting me share your pictures.  They are amazing! 

Doesn't he look innocent?
This is likely to be a very controversial post. Especially with my: sister, parents, in-laws, and SIL.  My youngest (LITTLE) will be 2 in 6 weeks. He is hilarious- but I can't turn my back on him for even a minute. He puts the M in mischief and the N in naughty. He is what my mama meant when she said "I hope you have one just like you."  And I did.  
Here are several examples of what hijinx happens when I let my guard down and turn my back for a minute. You see pretty people, I get a false sense of security at times because when he's good he's soooooooooo good- so good he makes you forget about the naughty michief. He can go through a pack of stickers and band-aids in less than a minute.  

kitchen wall mural
I'm lucky we still have a house since I magic erased nearly every wall we have.  But I wouldn't change him for the world.  Except maybe the part about him drawing on my walls.  (and kitchen island!) That part I would change- as long as it didn't change who he is or break his little spirit! 

Thanks for reading- hope you are having a great- marker-on-the-wall-free day! It's 1:30 and so far we've had no incidents.  But we still have 7.5 hours until bedtime! 


In addition to bunny ears & silly hats- I also love fake mustaches. No more to report. I think they speak for themselves.., especially the blonde one!

Happy Monday pretty people!

Let us out! SMASH
The hulk and iron man have had some adventures this week! I guess because they came in a two pack- they are ALWAYS together.  Which is odd because they are so small- and around here we usually lose small pieces and can't keep sets together.  But not this duo.  Where you see one- the other is near.  

I am sad that I wasn't able to get the picture of the two of them swimming in oatmeal while we met our friends Marcy and Ryan for breakfast the other morning.  But I'm sure you get a great mental picture.  

Uh oh- I may need a little help here Green buddy...
sun bathing...
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Welcome back!  Happy hump day.  By now you should know that I am reviewing (a nice way to say stalking) all of your social media pictures!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE looking at them.  Here are a few of my favorites from this week.  All used with permission of course.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!  
My gorgeous cousin Monica and her boyfriend TJ at a Gatsby themed sorority formal at the Grand Rapids history museum. How fun does this look? It was hard to pick just one of her pictures because I liked all 87 of them. Sorry for being such a stalker Monica! Looks like y'all had a ball. That dress is red carpet worthy and you look STUNNING! xoxo
I've said it before and I'll say it again. I love pictures of kids doing work. These little people have to earn their keep! Here is sweet Bailey stomping around in mama's boots pulling sweet baby brother Max in the wagon. I have looked at this picture several times and I'm drawn not only to the adorable subjects but the perfect lighting. Swooning over here. Plus I have a soft spot for all things Max.
Baby Geno loves dogs! His mom and dad took him to the Chicagoland pet expo. Mama said that he was in heaven with all the dogs. Can't say I blame him- that is a pretty cute poodle.
Ok- so besides the fact that Kara is wearing a pink: tutu skirt, shirt, boots, and bow- SHE IS STANDING ON A PINK step stool to help dad work on the car. Seriously- the sweetest thing ever. I love that she is a little helper bee! Her mama is one of my oldest friends- {like sprayed bangs and sleep over all the time kinda old} and I'm so glad that I can keep up with them on facebook! In addition- I love seeing kids earn their keep! She's gotta learn how to work if she wants to keep the pink lifestyle she's grown accustomed to.
Book day at school. Another Max (great boy name folks!) and sweet Mia. How could they go as anything but thing 1 and thing 2? Seriously? This was the first picture I saw that day and I immediately sent mama Meghann a note- PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me use this picture. No pressure. {pressure! pressure!} Not only do I love Dr Seuss, all things Max, blue hair and cute kids- but I love when siblings love each-other. So adorable!
Leo. Possibly the best dressed dog in all of Mississippi. Seriously. I have never met Leo- but I've seen him grow up on instagram and facebook. Who knew he'd grow up to be such a dapper young man? All I want to do is hug his sweet neck.
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PictureLooking for mischief in my mom's shed
The other day I noticed that LITTLE smelled especially good.  I mean REALLLLLLLYYYYYYY good- almost yummy... Which was kinda odd because it was the end of the day- and he hadn't had his bath yet.  But boy did he smell delicious.  Then I noticed that it was because he had chocolate frosting in his hair.  I mean- why wouldn't you have frosting in your hair, right?  Well- that's a good question that he can't answer just yet.  Believe me- I asked and he said "No."  Which is his go-to answer for everything right now. 

Then there is the just out of the bath smell.  I was holding BIG tonight after his bath just sniffing his sweet wet little head.  He must think I'm a bit koo-koo.  And he's right- but he just smelled so fresh and clean.  Not that he normally stinks or anything- but he just smelled soooooo good.  I know this phase won't last forever.  I remember when my friend's son outgrew the good smelling age and started to wear that silly manly teenager deodorant/cologne stuff.  Good grief that's some stinky stuff. 

Right now I'm fine with my boys smelling.  Because it's usually a good smell.  (There are times when they come in from outside smelling like little hound dog puppies- but that isn't the norm.) They usually smell like sweet babies.  I know I will never forget the smell because it's burned into my nose from all the baths I've administered.  

I may just keep a bottle of baby aveeno shampoo on hand just in case- so I can always remember. 
Workin' in the fields earning his keep. {yeah right- at the park goofing off with a kid rake!}
Indeed!  Happy St Patrick's day pretty people! 
My sister coined this the "angry bunny" picture- 1st easter
Picture2nd Easter!
Remember the other day when I told y'all that I love hats?  Well, that goes for bunny ears too.  Unfortunately BIG does not appreciate my love of the big ears.  Up until now he's humored me.  Well that my pretty people stopped last week. 

 We were at Target- where I typically get said bunny ears- and there they were.  In the dollar spot area.  This year they had pink and brown too- oh my!  A little variety in the bunny ears selection- they were speaking to my heart.  As I grabbed the brown pair and approached my cart BIG looked up at me.  Held his finger up and said it.  The one little word that I've been dreading.  "NO!"  He knew exactly what was about to happen.  And he said no.  So- it's with much sadness that I will not be purchasing a pair of bunny ears for him this year.  When the boy says no to the ears- he gets a pass.  So while I have a bunny-ear-clad picture for years 1-3, I will not have one for his 4th Easter.  Unless I can convince him otherwise in the next few weeks.  But I guess at some point traditions can retire.

Have a hoppy day pretty people! 

3rd easter
Angry bunny- age 2. REALLY angry this year because the hat was so snug.
I learned a great lesson last week.  Hot Husband was out of town and LITTLE was sick.  Not super sick- just a little stomach bug.  I had to cancel a play-date that I was really looking forward to.  But we aren't that family that takes our kids out sick.  I won't mention names but that family drives me crazy and ALWAYS gets my boys sick.  Public service announcement time: If your kids are sick keep them home! Unless you absolutely HAVE to get them out to take them to the Dr. or to pick up medicine.  But I digress...

I talked to my girlfriend Courtney that morning- she called to check on LITTLE after I cancelled our play-date. (southern belle manners y'all!) I updated her and she said "do you need anything?" Nope.  I'm good.  But as I said that I was thinking.  Yeah I kinda need more pedialite- I may run out.  And I could use some drano (you don't want to know why.  Let's just say it involves string cheese.) But I don't want to bother her...Soooooo... "No- I'm good.  Thank you for asking."

A few hours later I received a text that she is on her way to the store and what did I need?  Wow.  I need pedialite and drano.  So this time I told her.  "Ok, be there soon." 

The difference in "do you need anything?" and "what do you need" is HUGE! I didn't want to bother or burden her- but since she insisted I gave in.  I did need stuff.  I didn't want to get the boys out.  At first I thought she was just being nice- but then I thought about it.  I never offer to do stuff like that just to be nice.  I offer to do it because I think people need the help. So I put myself in her shoes and realized while it's a nice gesture- she WANTED to help me.  That day I needed more than those two items- I didn't even realize that I needed help.  She gave it to me.  Thank You sweet friend!

Y'all know I'm wild about your social media pictures!  So here are a few pictures and stories I'm bonkers about this week. As always- I have permission to use the images.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

 Above is my cousin Joe's graduation day.  Just look at the smiles on his mom, dad and sister's faces.  I don't know that I've ever seen my uncle so proud.  This is a huge accomplishment and I'm so happy for Joe (Joseph Noseph as I call him!) 

Talk about happy day!  My friend Meribeth got this beautiful yellow bike!  I don't know what happiness looks like- but this is pretty close.  I smiled just looking at it. 

I am IN LOVE with this sweet picture! My friend Courtney's little girl is all dolled up for the father-daughter dance at school. Ummmm- this might just be the most adorable outfit I've ever seen. Wonder if it comes in my size... Love the concept of dad's taking daughters on dates. So sweet!
This is one of my favorite little people in the world. She is not only an award winning gymnast- but one of the sweetest little girls I've ever met. So proud of Riley and her dedication to her sport. Remember this face y'all- you will probably see her on a wheaties box in the future!
Is there anything sweeter than a picture of a dad napping with his daughter? #Caitlingetscomfy!
My sweet friend Danielle designed, created, and produced a really cool product. It's a runningluv.  She realized she needed to focus on her run rather than her sweat or runny nose.  So she made a glove to wear while you run that takes care of those problems.  One of the coolest things about this is that she had a vision and has turned it into a fantastic business.  She didn't wait for someone to create the product she wanted- she did it herself.  So proud of her.  Go check out her website at http://www.runningluv.com/
I have one and LOVE it!  Such a great invention! If you are an exerciser- you need this!  (Vanda, Christy, Heather, Annette, Stacy, Erin, Messica...y'all know who you are!)

Hope you are all having a great week.  If you aren't following MommyOhhhh on facebook- do it! 




I love hats.  Especially silly hats.  My oldest can take em' or leave em'. My youngest is all about the hat.  So he lets me indulge in my hat purchases.  

Hope you are having a great day! 

A few weeks ago we took the boys to a big nation chain kiddie casino. I will not tell you the name but the mascot is a big singing rodent.  I think you know what I'm talking about. Anywho- it's the kinda place where you can drop $50 bucks and leave with pink eye, food poisoning, three plastic frogs, a foam airplane and possibly TB. 

Besides the excitement of the blinking lights, rat-led conga line, and clinking tokens, there are kids EVERYWHERE.  Some, like ours, supervised- and some running wild and free like a bunch of hippies at Woodstock.  As LITTLE and I were en route to our next game (think wack-a-mole) we had a very disturbing encounter with another mother/son duo.  We were walking and I saw a little boy about LITTLE's size (so I imagine about his age- 18 months oldish) pull a tween boy's tickets out of the game he was playing and then throw them on the floor near my feet.  The little boy and his mom saw me see him grab the tickets.  They clearly did not belong to him.  I picked up the tickets and handed them to the oblivious tween boy and said "here- someone took these and they belong to you."  I didn't say who took them.  I didn't look in the direction of mother or son.  I just returned the tickets to the rightful owner.  There were so many people around that it could have been anyone that grabbed the tickets- I say all of this to let you know dear reader that neither this woman nor her son were implicated in the crime.  Until the mom said in a loud exasperated voice- not directed at anyone {wink wink- totally directed at me!}  "kids are gonna steal." I was shocked.  Sure kids are going to push the limits and do things they shouldn't but it's our job as parents to teach them right from wrong.  This woman didn't say a thing to her child about taking something that didn't belong to him.  She totally missed the teachable moment.  

So the irony shouldn't be lost on any of you when I tell you that as we walked by them LITTLE grabbed a handful of tokens out of her husbands bucket.  She looked UPSET!  Someone had just taken something that belonged to her!  So different when the shoe is on the other foot I imagine.  I stopped.  Looked LITTLE in the eye and said "we don't take things that don't belong to us."  I made him put the tokens back in their bucket.  Funny how this time her attitude changed a bit and she didn't justify my child's actions by saying kids are going to steal.  Maybe I'm the mean mom here but my kids will know exactly how I feel about stealing.  I certainly won't be on the sidelines justifying or condoning this behavior.