There is nothing 'special' about today. It's not a birthday or a holiday. But it is Saturday. So I guess in a way that makes it special. That and that I'm alive to write this and you are alive to read this (thank you by the way- you are one of the 2100 people reading this blog! Crazy!)

What makes it and everyday special is that I have these cuddle bugs in my life.

They are night and day different but I am madly in love with each of them. So while today isn't really special per se... All our days are special.

Happy Saturday pretty people! Xoxo

12/7/2013 05:16:09

I couldn't agree more!!! Every day is special with those little munchkins! Happy Saturday!!!

12/8/2013 09:11:59

Excited about the Sat bonus blog!! Hope your Sunday was super too!


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