I have these two great friends. I will call them "Gary & Kim." They are moving to Singapore next week for two years. Gulp. So far away. (Fans tears away)

I was friends with Gary for a few years before he started dating Kim. I fell in love with Kim the minute I met her. She is everything you want in a friend; smart, funny, charming, sweet, fun, & nice. She actually made me like Gary even more than I already did.   Because how great of a guy gets that cool of a girlfriend (now wife!) I remember telling him "if you don't marry her, I will!"

He did. Then they had two beautiful babies. And now they are moving to Singapore. (Fans eyes again!) We haven't lived in the same city (or state even!) for over 10 years- but them moving around the globe has made me very sad. I liked knowing they were only a few hours away. I'm happy for them and all of the amazing adventures they will have. I'm also sad for me that I won't get to see them for at least 2 years. (Unless I renew my passport and book an exotic trip to visit)

The best thing about being friends with a couple like Gary & Kim is that you always pick up just where you left off. Bon voyage my friends. I miss you already! Hurry home!


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