I hope it's coming. I'm ready. Ready with canned goods. Ready with beef stew. Ready to bundle BIG and LITTLE up and make a snow man. Does that make me crazy? Maybe a bit- but it's a fond memory I have from when I was little. That plus it's the weekend so HH doesn't have to get out in the elements. We can stay inside all warm and snuggly. After we freeze our booties off in the snow.

Our romp in the snow last year. There wasn't much. But BIG loved it!

I had to run to the store to pick up a few things yesterday afternoon.. It always surprises me to see shelves like this when the weather forecast says there is a chance of snow/ice. Since I grew up in the Chicago suburbs winter weather is old hat. HH has mid-south storm memories of being without power for days. <eeeek!>. Being stuck in his mid-town neighborhood because trees were down. That is not the kind of storm I'm hoping for pretty people. I want the kind where everyone is safe. WITH power. Just enough to cancel all social events so you can stay home and snuggle with your own pretty people. Especially if they are in footy pajamas. You can take the girl outta the mid-west but you can't take the mid-west outta the girl! Be safe pretty people!

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