In the spirit of Halloween... oh wait- that has already passed.  I should know since it's early November and EVERY SINGLE STORE on the planet already has Christmas stuff out.  Not that I mind- I love Kris-mas...but we still have another holiday in the horizon.  But go figure that is not the point of this post.  

The point is there is some STRANGE~ WACKY~ZANY~and downright koo koo candy out there y'all!  I guess I've never really paid attention to candy that wasn't peanut buttery/chocolatey or peeps (I know!  I know!  ewww) OR to product packaging.  {{Which is strange since I used to work for a company with the #1 recognizable brand in the world.}}  Since my uber foxy husband is a packaging guru- I've started to notice.  So today I noticed.  Two very disturbing packages.  First up: Jungle ropes.  Marshmallow.  Jungle.  Ropes.  What about that doesn't sound delicious? Not only are they individually wrapped- but there is also a KISSING MONKEY ON THE PACKAGE.  Hmmmm... 

Next up: Bumble beans.  41 flavors of bumbly-beany goodness.  I mean... who buys bumble beans?  Doesn't it make you think - since there is a BEE on the package- that this is something dangerous?  Now before you get on your "don't eat sugar/glucose/fructose/baby-toes" high horse- that is also not the point of this.  The point is this: aren't bees mean?  Why on earth would you want to eat a mean bean?  

So besides the fact that my husband just makes me an all around better person- he also has taught me to look for these packaging faux pas.  That being said- I'm off to start the weekend with my monkey-men.  Have a great night faithful fans!   Beware of the bumble beans (and bees!)

11/9/2013 06:43:53

Not a fan of any kind of marshmallow candy & can't believe I know someone who actually enjoys peeps. It's like eating a baby chick!! But I do like bit o honey bee candy.

Kris P O'Brien
11/9/2013 07:11:25

I don't like to eat peeps but I buy them for some reason. Nostalgia I guess. My grandmother always had them for us at Easter


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