We had a play date today at our house. I LOVE play dates. I can't stress that enough. That being said- I HATE cleaning up pre-play date. So you know what? Today I didn't. I didn't clean up a thing. As a matter of fact this is what LITTLE was doing 5 minutes before our guests arrived.

He was throwing toys out of the basket. No rhyme or reason- i could see his little wheels spinning; must throw objects on floor! (He's part caveman afterall. All toddlers are.)

I didn't stress out about it like the old me would have. For a few reasons: most importantly that we live here. We have a two and a four year old that have been trapped inside for two rainy days. Yes there are toys everywhere. Yes there are three (3!) toothbrushes on the kitchen floor (I mean really- why wouldn't there be?) There was a dust bunny that put bugs bunny to shame.

And you know what? My friend didn't judge. She laughed and said that she finds toothbrushes on her floor all the time too. (She has two cavegirls of her own.) She also said that her dust bunnies look like tumble weeds sometimes. And her laundry is never all done either. I've never once noticed any of those things about her house. And even if I did, I would never judge her by those things.

I'm just going to float this out there. If you come over and my house looks perfect - that means I'm probably not super comfortable with you. If you get here and there is a stack of mail on the counter, a hulk shoe in the front entry and a green bean in the bathroom sink (true story gentle reader) then you'll know how I feel about you.

I'm just glad to have a home where my guest can kick up their cute little pink feet and feel comfortable.

Thanks for reading! Hope you are having a great day.

10/14/2014 14:24:17

at least you have your boys for an excuse! I have none - except, of course, that my 19 year old left dirty underwear on the floor & left for college!

10/14/2014 17:00:02

So cute! Glad y'all had a good play date!


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