I hate the attic. I hate everything about it. It's dark. It's creepy. You have to climb a rickety ladder to get up there. It's where we keep Christmas decorations & stuff that I'm not quite ready to get rid of. I'm not a hoarder by any means but do I really need some of that stuff up there? I don't think so- but I'm too frady-cat to go up there and see. Do you want to know a big reason why I'm afraid of it? I have this friend josh. HE FELL THROUGH HIS ATTIC y'all!

Fell. Through. The. Ceiling. 12 feet.

Marinate on that for a second. {{Do do do do do do doooo- there- that's at least a second}}

Let's talk about the injuries

1. The ribs: 3 fractured & 2 broken

2. The rotator cuff: torn

3. The clavacle: broken BOTH horizontally & vertically. This includes an 8 inch plate with NINE screws to repair it. IN ADDITION to the THIRTY SIX staples to close the wound. 36!

Til' this day he only has about 40% feeling on the lower side where he hit.

So while I've never been excited to go in the attic myself (I've never even been in our garage attic- HH could be running a drug cartel from up there for all I know!) I think of Josh everytime anyone goes up there.

Can you even imagine how Josh's mom, wife, kids and gorgeous sisters felt?!? I can't. It's scary to think that one awful non-room in the house can cause so much pain and anxiety. Pain for him-anxiety for me.

That being said I feel extremely petty for what I'm about I say next. I was so brave to go up in the attic myself last week. I felt like Christopher Columbus looking for my Christmas decorations. Since I never go up there I don't have a system set up. I had to root around in HH's system and find what I was looking for. Now might be a good time to tell you that I am so afraid of attics that I've been up there exactly 6 times in 7 years. Zero times in the garage attic. HH could be running some kind of drug cartel up/out there and I'd have no clue. (He's not!) <I don't think> {hear that DEA? I am clueless}

This was the year I decided to be a minimalist. I only used about 1/5 of my Christmas loot. Believe it or not it's harder to use just a portion than it is to slap all that stuff up. Plus I was thinking I didn't want to haul all that stuff down & come January I didn't want HH to have to haul all that stuff back up. (We aren't getting any younger pretty people) The point I'm taking forever to make is that I don't NEED a ton of stuff to make our house holiday ready/pretty. I just needed a few things

Here is what we HAD to have:

BIG is wild about letters so I needed JOY.

Stockings, my fabulous silver reindeer that my MIL gave me (I am smitten with them!), robot ornaments and an advent calendar- BIG loves numbers too. (2!) luckily our elf on the shelf was in one of the boxes that made the cut this year. We are still trying to figure out our elf. Folks either love him (or her- I am a total sexist) hate him (there, I did it again) or think he's just ok (ooops~ just call me Brittany!)

So while I felt kinda bad that I decorated with a minimalist approach- it's been perfect. BIG came home, rushed the front door, gasped and screamed 'SANDY CLAUS!' LITTLE has taken it upon himself to relocate ornaments. BIG is the self appointed ornament police force. He has jurisdiction over where the ornaments should be put back once recovered from sticky fingered LITTLE brother. And it's all perfect. (Besides the screaming and yelling when an ornament is relocated or found missing- that part is far from!)

Be careful in your attics pretty people!

Still incognito
12/4/2013 00:16:08

Did Josh fail to step on a beam and fall through? The beam step (could be a new hip hop dance for sure) is vital to attic survival.

12/4/2013 01:21:49

He totally missed the beam! And Thank you Kris for calling me gorgeous : )

12/4/2013 11:57:44

Ouch! Poor Josh! I'm always worried about carrying things up and down the ladder stairs and not falling. Like you said we aren't getting any younger!

12/4/2013 21:33:50

I've never been in our attic even once. And FYI check ur elf for eyelashes & white earrings. If it has none it's a boy.


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