Y'all know I'm not a food blogger. But I love food! Especially super yummy, local and reasonably priced food.

One of the BIG cutbacks we made as a family when I left my job was eating out. What used to be a just a normal meal for us is now something we do less frequently. That being said it's now more of an event and it's a special treat. Because it's a special treat, I expect more. I expect the meal to be delicious.

If you are in the mid-south and you haven't been to the Dining Car in Hernando- go! Now! (Well, not now it's 8am- but go soon!)

My dad is in town visiting so I wanted to take him somewhere cool. I remembered the Dining Car was kid friendly with great food. Hot husband raved about the friend chicken and I knew my dad would love it.

I was a bit surprised when we got there to see a lunch buffet set up, as they didn't have one the last time we were there. But the day we went fried chicken was on the buffet so my dad had that. Kids 2 and under eat free buffet so LITTLE (2 years old) had it too. When I tell you that they were CONSTANTLY bringing out fresh chicken, I am not exaggerating. This is no cheesy all you can eat Country buffet with chicken sitting out all day hoping someone eats. It was so yummy that my 2 year old started to scream "more chickens!" Who does that?!? We do!

BIG (4.5 years old) is a notoriously picky eater. He ate every bite of his cheese burger. Y'all, that NEVER happens. NEVER! EVER. I had a mushroom and avocado burger and it was fantastic.

A really fun thing happened next. A train drove by. The boys were super excited. Then the owner came over with a bucket- to draw a number from it. It was a contest to give away a free dessert. LITTLE felt very big pulling a number out of the bucket- and he pulled #11- our table.

The best part about the brownie sundae wasn't that it was free- it was the crunchy cookie crumble on a warm chocolatey syrupy ice creamy brownie. I love dessert but I'm typically too cheap to order them- especially at lunch...holy smokes- when you go save room for the brownie!

Also- know that this is not a paid review. (I promise the free brownie has nothing to do with this post- I was planning to let y'all know about this place prior to our big win, but I am a fan of free!) Great attentive service- not to be confused with annoying pestering. Our drinks were constantly refilled and we enjoyed the whole experience.

It's hard to find really kid friendly places that have yummy food. This is the place. Also they have kids eat free dinner on Tuesday nights. We haven't been yet, but we will.   210 Commerce St. Hernando. MS.

Have a great day pretty people. Hope to see you there!

7/9/2014 00:22:56

Well, now we're going to have to try it!!

Patti (Momma)
8/23/2014 08:42:13

I work at The Dining Car and I just wanted to say thank you for the kind words, we are truly happy you and your family came in and enjoyed it. We look forward to seeing you again!


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