I know this looks like trash. But it is not. This is the chosen card. We must tape it together and cherish it. Lest BIG asks for it and god forbid you threw it away.... It will make for a long weekend for you and a long month for me.

HOT HUSBAND and I are going out of town this weekend. (YAYYY!) My mom and sister are coming down from Chicago to keep the boys. How cool is it that my mom & sister WANT to use their vacation time to watch my kids ~ so I can go on vacation? Not a big user of the phrase "I'm blessed" but I really am!

We are only going for 2 nights and 3 days but I feel like I have so much to do! Clean. Pack. Grocery shop. Write notes to my mom and sis.

So far I have one note. #1. Take BIG potty first thing in the am. Ummm- seriously, do I need to write this down? Probably not. Since my mom had 2 kids and both she and my sister probably go potty themselves first thing in the am... Ok, I will not write notes about every little thing. But I do need to write a few. So here is the list. See picture above for item 1.

2. Don't let BIG con you into making pancakes for all 3 meals. He gets them once a day

3. Don't let LITTLE trick you with "I'm soooooo hungreeeee" 30 minutes after he fed his last 6 bites to the pug. They are con-artists.

4. Text me at least 3 pictures a day.

5. Have fun

That's it. I think. For now.

To quote Daniel tiger; "thank you for everything you doooo" 🎶

Have a great day pretty people!

7/21/2014 07:12:31

I will not mistake the chosen card for trash. It is clearly quite valuable!! Can't wait to spend the weekend with Big & Little!!

7/21/2014 14:19:39

Have fun on your grown-up vacay


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