I DID choose the pug life.  The pug just didn't choose me.  Which is somewhat perplexing for a few reasons:

 #1.  I was the one that wanted a pug. 
#2. I am awesome

I just happened to mention in passing, to my then boyfriend {now husband!} mom's cousin (it's the south y'all, not sure how else to tell it but by going down the family tree! ) who happened to have a litter of pugs that I love them.  After we were all married and moved into our (almost) perfect (but not *anthropologie!) house (are you a long time reader?  If so- you already know, if not-WELCOME & go back and catch up!) we got a call- did we want a pug?  HECK YES WE WANT A PUG!  Well... I wanted a pug.  Not that Chris didn't want a pug.  That just wasn't the dog he always wanted. (That's a whole other story- do you think I'm going to tell you about our entire life in one post?  No sir)  Which was AWESOME for me because she was going to be MY dog.  I was going to dress her up and take her everywhere.  Only one thing. 

PictureShe is in love with him!
She didn't/doesn't like me.  Well, I guess that's not really fair to say.  She likes me only if my boys aren't around.  I'm her 4th favorite person in the world.  Maybe her 5th (if she had more face time with my dad I would certainly be #5) She loves loves loves Chris.  I don't blame her- I do too, but geez... it's a little over-the-top pug! 

Her second favorite person is Max.  He feeds her his scraps (I know dog folks- she shouldn't get scraps- but Jeesh- he's 18 months old & he eats everything in sight- so the scraps are few and far between.  They also like to play chase.  And by that I mean he likes to chase her.  

Third favorite person is Jack.  Not sure why she likes him more than me.  He gets nose to nose with her and makes darth vadar noises in her face.  But she digs it.  When I do it- she runs away.  So as you can see gentle reader, it's not for lack of trying.  

Then, there's me.  There are very few pictures of us together because she hates me.  Oh, did I think/say/type that?  Oooops- good thing she can't read or she'd totally take that out on me tomorrow.  (since she's currently all snuggled up with my man) 

So until she starts liking me- I will just continue buying her great outfits.  (this links back to #2- because I am awesome.  And she will realize it one day.)  Night Night pug lovers.  

*Still waiting on a call from anthropologie for sponsorship.  As a very wise man once said "there is talk that they are interested" ~ so we'll see...  
11/11/2013 21:28:50

Db just said "hey, she called me a wise man".

The Pheasant
11/11/2013 21:55:02

She loves you!!!


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