It's only Tuesday and my week has already been made.  Several amazing things happened to me this week. I've had THREE unexpected compliments.  Three.  Count them.  One.  Two.  Three!  I will go in backwards order just to keep you on your toes.  

Tonight- I cooked porkchops.  Boring, right?  Nope- hot husband gave me a high-five because they were cooked perfectly.  Woohoo!  No picture because we gobbled them up. 

PicturePhoto credit to SCPhotography
Max is learning how to kiss.  It's adorable.  It's more of a sucking/slirping combo but I'll take it.  He has been leaning in for kisses all week.  It's both unexpected and fantastic.  Love smooching my boys!

Last but certainly not least is getting a TOTALLY UNSOLICITED "I love you" from Jack.  He's said I love you hundreds of times (I've said it millions trying to get him to say it!) but this time it was all on his own.  Not because it was a call and response- but because he wanted me to know he loves me.  He had the idea to tell me at that moment that he loves me.  It was music to my ears.  

So while we've all seen the lists of stuff people are thankful for on Facebook- if I was doing one I would say that I'm thankful for these three events and these three men.  Do me a favor this week- compliment someone & make their day.  Maybe even their week or year.  

So aunt Wanda, if you are reading this- I love your laugh.  It always makes me laugh and smile.  

11/12/2013 14:58:33

Compliment #4--I love your daily blog. It reminds me of all the things I should be thankful for. Like my wonderful-too far away--friend.

Aunt Wanda
11/13/2013 01:35:43

It is easy to laugh when you are around because you have such a great sense of humor. Love your blog. Look forward to reading many more.

11/14/2013 15:52:20

Oh I love #3. The sweetest words ever.

11/12/2015 10:15:17

Awww....sweet Jack! <3

I was barely able to read this because little Sarah completely fell into Max's orbit and kept passing between me and the screen. "Who is that?" That's Max. "What's he doing" He's playing. "Is that a tunnel? Is Max playing with a tunnel?


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