I wore my kids out yesterday. We didn't do that much. All we did was take a trip to the park and the grocery store.

My timing was all off because around 4:30 they both wanted naps. Unfortunately that is the witching hour and there are no naps allowed past about 3. So I threw their little butts in the tub.

A good friend's mom told me once that water was the answer to everything. If they are fussy put them in water. Tired- water. Foul mood- water. It worked like a charm. Good thing because we all know what happens when you get a gremlin wet.

Happy hump day pretty people!

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Ahhhhh- all is right with the world...
1/15/2014 12:41:25

I wish water cured all my ailments..great advice as mine are trying to either wash my floor or drown each other in the tub as we speak!


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