I love that the night before Easter I got a text from my friend Lindsay saying "I can't wait to see pictures of the boys tomorrow." That makes me so happy.  Especially when I can't see all the people I love as frequently as I like- I love that we can stay in touch with texts, instagram and the ole' facebooker.  I told her it was going to be good because LITTLE was going to be in seersucker.  Who doesn't love a toddler in seersucker?  So southern and so spring/summer! 

Then another time, my friend Jennifer asked me- "why don't you ever tell us where you get those cute clothes?" I hadn't thought of that- but here you go! 

On little:The seersucker is a hand-me down GAP suit that my mom found at Goodwill for $3. BIG wore it a few years ago on Easter- and now Little wore it.  (You know someone paid a good $50 or $60 bones for their little man to wear it once- since it is in PERFECT condition!) 

BIG wore his linen pants (we've been waiting with bated breath!) from the GAP & the most adorable pastel button down shirt from Target- both were purchased on mega sale. (I'm thinking $8 and $3 respectively)  If you know me in real life you know I don't pay full price for anything.  Well... that isn't entirely true. I paid full price for my wedding dress...& BIG's first picture outfit.  Ummmm... that may be it.  But I digress.    
I know LITTLE's tie is a bit short- and he looks a tad disheveled. That's my fault.  He was nice and tucked in and all proper looking and I didn't get pictures until after they were running up the hill at their great grandmother's house.  Seriously y'all- they smelled like little puppies after... but they still looked cute as can be.  In adorable and cheap outfits!  

I kinda like this kid boy fashion magazine angle... we always see what/who girls are wearing- it's about time to show who the boys are wearing too.   It's so hard to find cute boy clothes- we might just start a revolution!  

Hope you are having a great day!  Feel free to make my day and share this post!  xoxo pretty people
4/25/2014 03:01:36

Adorable as always! And you taught me to always look for a sale and still look cute :)

4/25/2014 03:55:02

Love the outfits & the bargains! Wish I'd taken a pic of Hudson bf he got in his muscle shirt for the hunt. He had the cutest (not fancy but still cute) t-shirt w/yellow chicks on it that said "chicks are all over me". Hahahahahaha!

4/25/2014 10:35:06

Awwww- sweet girls!


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