Yesterday's post was all about treats for your family. In today's post I'm giving you ideas how to help other families. What better way to help than to shop for a cause?

Have you heard about Chloe + Isabel? I hadn't until I noticed my friend Jennifer was wearing REALLY super pretty jewelry in her pictures. And then I saw the name creep up in InStyle magazine. Then I complimented a girl on her necklace and it was Chloe + Isabel.. Then I won one of Jennifer's Facebook contests and she sent me THE most beautiful fox earrings I've ever seen. I get so many compliments- I've started counting. I'm at 9 so far. (Not countin the first two or three when I decided to start counting- I'm certainly not a mathematician y'all!) any-who, Jennifer has set up a special promotion for MommyOhhhh fans. She will donate 10% of the sales to the charity of our choice. I'm thinking St. Jude. My heart breaks every time I think about sick babies. Our special MommyOhhhh link is She has a ton of great looking stuff under $50. Free shipping when you spend $100- so if you need to round up get yourself something pretty! Or heck, get me something pretty! I will attach pictures to show you what I want.

Fox earrings that I looooove

This next product is not just AMAZING but uhhhh-mazing! It's a Runningluv™. When I heard about it BIG had just broken his femur (another post y'all!) and the only time he smiled was on our morning walks. But there was a problem. {Besides the obvious} June/July in Mississippi y'all! 90 degrees by 9am. And I'm a sweater. Big time.

Carrying a towel was just so awkward and cumbersome. I was trying to run (I use that term loosely!) while pushing nearly 70lbs (kid + double stroller + partial body cast!) up hills and around corners and it was just too much. I tried Runningluv- (think micro-soft hand towel that you wear on your wrist to squeegee away sweat) and loved it. While if certainly didn't make our walks/runs easier- it helped me keep the sweat out of my eyes so I could focus on keeping that smile on BIG's sweet face. Prices range from $6-12. Right now there is free shipping on purchases over $10. Ooooorrrrrrrr... If you donate $10 to Danielle's St Jude fundraising campaign she will send you a free Runningluv. You will not be sorry.

Check out for all the product details. I know several of you that need this product. Christy. Annette. Josh. Carrie. Messica. Ryan&Marcy (get two geesh- don't cheap out!)

Just think: If you buy the crystal Brûlée stretch bracelet and a Runningluv™ your arms will not only be sparkly and sweat free but you will be helping a sick child.

11/27/2013 06:14:12

Cool!! Will look into this more later at home!


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