PictureIt's BACK!
Tis the season,

Not for what you are probably thinking though.  As we approach the Holiday Season, I’m not talking about Turkey, Black Friday or Pumpkin Lattes (although I do love a good Pumpkin Latte!)  I’m talking about the McRib.  A Rib Sandwich. Mc-style.  Tis the season for the McRib Sandwich.  So, those McDonald’s people will have you believe that this is something really special….available for a limited time only.  If only that were true.  They make a big hullabaloo and advertise it like mad….THE McRIB IS BACK!!! But, where did it go? My God….this sandwich has NEVER left.  It is always around.  Just like Shark Week (but I’ll save that for another time.)  The McRib is always back from somewhere.  But that poses some interesting questions: Where does it go?  When does it go?  & Why does it go if everyone is so happy when it’s back? 

PictureSO GROSS!
Honestly, in this entire world, there might not be anything less appetizing to me than the McRib.  Granted, I’m not a huge fan of BBQ sauce in general, but in all fairness, I’m not sure that this can even be classified as such.  It looks more orange and sticky like some old leftover sweet and sour weirdly coagulated sauce-like substance (which I also find pretty gross). 
In my opinion, this is not an eat it on the run kinda snack.  This is a sandwich that should only  be eaten in the privacy of your own home.  Once it is safely in it’s bag for the journey home- it should not be removed until you are seated and ready to eat.   It should definitely NOT be eaten on the train as one of my delightfully charming fellow commuters did recently.  In fact, she ate two of them which she extracted from a giant bag which I can only assume held more McRib’s for when she reached wherever she was going.  I had no choice but to watch in horror and disgust as the horrendous pungent aroma overtook the small enclosed space we shared….you couldn’t help but look….there was nowhere to go and no way to escape without actually getting off the train.  The smell was almost too much to bear, but since I only had two more stops to go, I stayed on the train. 

Two youngish boys, (are early 20’s still boys?) were in earshot and one said to the other, “Yum. McRib”.  Ewww.  .  You can keep your McRib.  I’ll keep my Pumpkin Latte Which truly is “back" and a special treat available for a limited time only.

Kris P O'Brien
11/15/2013 06:45:56

I agree that the mcrib is gross. I also think that the pumpkin latte is disgusting. That's my 2 cents

kim carroll
11/15/2013 06:47:39

You forgot to point out how disturbing the shape is. They cram all that "rib meat" into some sort of container that makes it look like real ribs with bones, yet there are no bones in pink slime!!

11/15/2013 06:59:17

Seriously what was Ronald McDonald thinking?

11/15/2013 07:06:35

I 💜 the rib shaped meat and I eat it WITH ketchup no onions because ewwww why add onions and please make mine with cheese. I am that girl OOH fries added to that delicious sandwich creation is a great idea too. And no, I never say "why am I fat?"

11/15/2013 07:52:09

Gross, gross, gross! The only thing good at McD's are the fries and milk shake.

11/15/2013 11:40:17

Mcrib drives my husband crazy too. Like u said, if it were so popular why wouldn't they keep it all the time?? And I prefer egg nog latte--if I actually had a Starbucks where I live.


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