I was going to name this post hijinx.  But that my pretty people isn't really an accurate title.  So I created a word.  Pug-jinx.  If you have a pug (bless you) you know what I'm talking about.  Those of you who aren't lucky enough to be in the pug club- I know what you are thinking.  "But she looks so sweet and innocent on that red blanket."  NOT. SO.  Ever heard the phrase looks can be deceiving?  Well this pug is as mischievous as she is cute.  You see my friends she is naughty to the core.  She is not above: stealing food from babies, stepping on toddlers/repositioning them  to get a better spot on a lap - and clearly she has no regard for my no dogs/babies on the kitchen table rule.  I'm not saying she is the only guilty party here- nor is she the criminal master-mind, but clearly she is a willing participant.  

A judge would rule them guilty. For sure
"You gonna' eat that banana baby?"
Maybe that's why she sleeps so much- it takes a lot of energy to be so naughty.  I will tell you this- naughty or not, she is loved.  
Have a great day pretty people & pugs.  If you are free- hop over to twitter tonight for #pugchat.  It's a hoot.  xoxo

4/29/2014 03:02:20

Love that pug!!! XOXO!

David Seid
4/29/2014 04:24:25

Your Pug needs a good lawyer


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