1. Eat like a kid.  No that doesn't mean gorge myself on chicken nuggets and mac & cheese.  It means I will eat when I'm hungry.  Stop when I'm full. Only eat what I like. Not feel guilty for passing on aunt Bettye's biscuits if I don't want them.  That one will be easy because A. I don't have an aunt Bettye and B. I don't really like biscuits.

2. Feed myself the way I want my kids to eat (and see me eat for that matter) Healthy, colorful, and delicious food.  I am giving the self permission and guilt free passes to enjoy not only special events and holidays but EVERY day. You didn't see the word diet anywhere in there did you?  Nope- because I'm not going on a diet.  I'm learning how to eat better.  I give myself full permission to eat whatever I want whenever I want.  As long as I want it and the reason isn't because I'm too lazy to cook something healthy.  I will not deprive myself of anything.  Except # 10.  I'm not going to miss finger sandwiches at a baby shower.  A glass of champagne (or four- let's be honest here!) at a wedding.  I will not however go overboard on a random Wed night at the crappy Mexican place down the street.  That is just not worth it to me. 
Eating good cheese is worth it to us. Or Geeze as LITTLE calls it!
3. Exercise- I have two built in exercise buddies.  Sure they can't spot me if I want to lift heavy weights but they can sure chase me around the house.  And walk around the neighborhood with me.  And run away from me when I'm trying to brush their hair... you get what I'm saying.  No reason why I can't get some exercise 4 days a week.  If we are close friends feel free to call/text/email or come over to see how I'm doing.  Bonus points if you are wearing your workout clothes & running shoes.

4. Cut dead weight. This is kind of my catch all misc category. This is everything from cleaning out my junk drawer in the kitchen to downsizing my closet to cutting loose the people that don't make me feel good about myself (or about them) I will try and do this with grace- but if you aren't adding positive thoughts to my life... I don't really need you.  (I'm probably not adding to your life either- so  we should just part ways) I don't need to read your Facebook updates or look at your instagram pictures if I get no joy from it.  It's not you.  It's not me.  Maybe it's us.  Either way- I will wish you the best of luck.

5. Save more Money.  We aren't getting any younger y'all.  I want to be able to retire one day.  That being said I will be squirreling away more money for our future.  And date night. 

6 Date my husband.  He doesn't know about this yet. (let's see how long it takes him to read the blog and find out!) We are going to have planned monthly dates.  All those restaurants that we always talk about checking out- we are doing it this year. No babies.  Just us.  Perhaps even a double date or two- but no kids allowed.  I married the man I loved dating.  So we are going to start doing it again.  I will even shower and put on lipstick! This is what I need. 

7. Appreciate all I (we) have. I try and do this everyday anyway so this is more of a keep doing vs a start doing.  

8. Focus my attention to those that matter.  HH, BIG, LITTLE, my folks, my sister/bff (who doesn't want to be named pretty people- respect her private life please!) and all my friends that I love and cherish. I know you don't get enough of me. And I don't really get enough of you either.  So I am making a commitment to be a better caller. Letter writer.  Emailer . Texter.  Tired of just giving your vacation picture a thumbs up on facebook.  I need more and you do too.  We both deserve it, no? 

9. Learn to let go.  This is another catch all.  Let go of the planning and scheduling and the need to have all my ducks in a row.  If someone disappoints me I need to either address it directly with them or move on. That thank you note that I'm annoyed you didn't send- maybe it got lost in the mail... The hour you made me wait on you- maybe you just broke up with your boyfriend... either way I'm going to let it all go.  

10. Give up coke.  To quote our president "Period."  If you see me drinking a coke- shame me.  I hate that I'm an addict... the bubbles just intoxicate me.  So I'm breaking up with you coke a cola.  And take your polar bears with you.  Whew.  That was hard.  

11.  Write more. More love letters.  More birthday cards.  More journaling.  More grocery lists.  More entries in my mom diary... They are changing so fast I need to try and remember everything. 

12. Have more fun.  I have fun- but 2014 is going to be about MORE fun! This links a little to the letting go part.  We are going to have fun every day.  Because everyday is a blessing that some folks don't get. 

13.  Be nicer to my mama.  I love you wiggy!   Sometimes I'm a grump and I'm sorry.  

14. Only buy necessities.  I've actually been doing this since I left my job in October.  It's really nice.  To ONLY buy what you need.  It makes you realize what you need in life.  This links back to focusing on what matters, saving $ and cutting dead weight.  You might be thinking but MommyOhhhh is it a necessity to spend money and go out on a date with Hot Husband every month?! Yes it is.  To me.  I don't get out much anymore and since he's my best friend and boyfriend all rolled into one- our couple time together is necessary.  

What are you doing new this year?  Besides being 1/3000 other pretty people reading my blog?  (What?!?  WOW!  Thank YOU!)  I would be honored if you shared my page.  Who knows maybe you have a friend that might enjoy my ramblings.  Happy New Year PP's! 

1/1/2014 11:26:11

I'm gonna attempt to follow your (always awesome & fun) lead!! Thx for sharing!

1/1/2014 12:10:13

I'm going to learn to write the year 2014.

1/1/2014 15:32:29

Love it-)

1/2/2014 00:34:54

I'm going to hummmmmm. I don't know! Hopefully be able to go on those double dates with you!

1/2/2014 15:48:51

Love this! More fun this year for me too and saving money as well!

10/30/2014 03:26:03

Our lists are very similar!! Ack!! 2014 is almost over!! How's everything going??

I could be better in the #8 area. 😕


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