We had a tornado warning in Memphis on Saturday night. We knew it was coming. All day the sky looked angry ~like at any minute it was going to cry all over us. It did. For several hours. It wasn't the relaxing I'm going to go nap rain. It was the scary & stressful ' I hope my roof doesn't blow off a-la-wizard-of-oz' kinda rain. We just finished eating some FANTASTIC cheeseburgers that I made when the rain didn't sound right. It sounded like someone was throwing a thousand buckets of water at our windows. I'm not going to lie it was kinda scary. Even more-so because HH was making the concerned face & checking the weather and looking outside every few minutes. We decided if was time to move into the hall- away from windows- all the stuff they teach you in school that you hope you don't forget in an emergency. We were calm, we didn't want to freak out BIG and LITTLE. Occasionally BIG would say 'what's that sound?' Just the rain baby, just the rain... But the five of us never sit in the hallway. The pug was begging for partially eaten burger from LITTLE's high chair tray. LITTLE was dangling his unwanted food over the edge to egg her on. BIG was watching HH play guitar. I was sitting on the floor watching the four of them and praying to God that nothing would happen to my family. In those few moments you wonder what you could take/save if a disaster happens. It goes without saying (or it should- but I will type it anyway) that the safety of my family is always priority one. But what would I take? Pictures? Birth certificates? My ice castles movie? Nope. I would jut take my family and get to safety. There are no things on this earth that are worth slowing down to grab when the risk is everything. So in those few minutes in the hall I discovered that all that I have <great as it is to have stuff>would mean nothing without these three- four if you count pugzilla. You have to count her- if we had no stuff we'd need something to keep the boys entertained & to keep my feet warm.

Hope all of my pretty people are staying safe and enjoying the holiday season.

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12/23/2013 02:32:38

That is soooo scary! At least w/hurricanes u have warning & the old government order to evacuate (although some idiots like to stay & man the fort--get ur sharpie & write ur ss# on your wrist so they know who u are when they find u in the rubble ppl who stay!!) I've always thought tornados are way scarier for randomness & lack of warning. Keep safe!

10/30/2014 02:58:39

My dad never panics over storms...mom and I? We have no problem filling the closet full of blankets and pillows and "camping" for the night. One night though we were in the middle of a horrible storm (jacob was about 2 or 3)...and me and mom had the closet door open ready to run in at a moments notice. Dad of course was just watching the storm...being his usual calm self...however me and mom were pretending to be calm for Jacob's sake. Then there was this really loud crack (huge tree broke in half but we didn't know that at the time) dad turned around and looked at us and said, "get in the closet now!"

On the outside...I calmly rushed into the closet and smiled at jacob and said everything is gonna be fine. On the inside...I was FREAKING OUT!!! DAD NEVER GETS IN THE CLOSET.....EVER!!! From where we were sitting we could easily see the laundry room door and we could see the poles of porch. They were about 7 or 8 steps away from we were sitting in the closet. Then....I couldn't see them any more. All I could see was rain traveling sideways. I closed my eyes and hugged Jacob and just waited to hear our house start to tear apart...all I knew was that I was not letting go of Jacob. So I squeezed and waited for the worst,

Then it calmed down, And about 30 seconds later, my phone blew up from text messages asking if I was okay, there was a tornado spotted at "The Crossing" (which is where hwy 22 crossed over I-40) which is about a mile from our house.

So yea, super scary. I remember as a child countless times my mom grabbing me and us driving to this huge (looked huge to me as a little) room full of strangers. (Storm shelter) I remember one time my mom went outside to look at the storm and I was so scared she wasn't coming back. I have tons of horrible memories of being scared of not making through the night because of tornados,

One hit my brothers neighbors house. They said it was the scariest thing ever. They were all huddled in their bathroom and then they heard really loud noises and people screaming. Makes me have chills. Their house wasn't damaged and their neighbors were all okay, but one house got hit really bad.

A friend of mine was at Union University when that tornado hit and that same tornado hopped over my uncles house, he said it sounded like a freight train. When they came out of their house there was Union University stuff all over their yard: ceiling tiles, union papers, letterhead....etc.

I've been close to tornados...but never actually affected by one. Other than like trees down and what not.


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