I LOVE MAIL!  I love cards.  Magazines.  Packages.  Weekly circulars.  I love it all.  (I could go without the bills- but that's part of being a grown up)  I love sending mail and I love receiving it. If we were on card sending terms pre 9/11- you may still be cleaning glitter or confetti out of your carpet from some of the goodies I sent back in the day.  I sent confetti clad cards for Birthdays, Halloween,  Christmas, Hanukah - you name it.  Even for no reason at all (MRRD!) I stopped those antics when real crazies (not your average run of the mill quirky-crazy like moi!) started to send dangerous mystery powder via usps.  All that to say that I LOVE mail!  

HH (Who was hot boyfriend at the time!) told me one day about 6 months into our dating  (about date 23- yes I counted!) that he thought the post office should be dismantled.  {{{{{crickets}}}}} Whaaaaatttttt????? Is he serious?  Good thing he didn't tell me that on our first date or he might have a very different life right now.  CUZ THAT SOUNDS CRAZY!  Until you hear him talk about it.  Then it makes sense.  A little.  Sometimes. (That plus he's super smart ((and dreamy!)) so when he talks one can be swayed a bit by his argument ((and charm))- no offense to my large postal worker fan base! So while we don't agree on everything- we respect each other and each-other's opinions. (I'm not ready to dismantle the post office- but he does bring up some interesting points)

What HH did was he made me realize that it's not mail or a witty card per se that I love- it's the unexpected surprise. (thanks a lot email- now i get way less cute cards in the mail!) I hate a surprise that I know about.  You know the kind.  The your birthday is in 3 weeks and I have your gift.  It's here.  Hidden.  Somewhere in the house.  You'll never find it.  Haaa.  SURPRISE.  UGh.  I hate those! As a kid I remember sneaking around the house with a nameless related person who shares the same parents (she said not to mention her name folks!  I'm protecting her privacy) looking for our Christmas gifts.  Annnnd we found some.  And that's why I know for a fact that I get cheated out of Kris-mas gifts! My mom had a HUGE 3 ft wonder-woman coloring book stashed with the Xmas gifts and I DIDN'T GET IT UNTIL MY BIRTHDAY!  IN JANUARY!  Hmmmm... I know I was wrong for peeking but she was TOTALLY wrong for withholding the goods.  But I digress... back to the topic at hand.

On Tuesday we got a surprise in the mail!  All the way from my aunt BUB in Alaksa. (Not sure why we call her aunt bub- I asked my mom but as you recall, she cheats (withholds Xmas gifts and passes them off as birthday gifts!) and drinks (see nesting doll story!) so I'm not sure she knows either.  Well gentle reader, Bub sends surprise packages every few months and I LOVE IT!  It's always out of the blue and something totally unexpected.  Shoe box of dinosaurs!  Check.  Box of stickers! Check.   Juneau high school bears hockey t-shirt.  Check.  Little red riding hood finger puppet glove.  Check!  3 little pigs in seattle shirt.  CHECK MATE! All really thoughtful and cool  "just thinking about you guys" (she's not from the South y'all!) stuff.

So- the package of all packages arrived.  SURPRISE! Cutest owl socks in the whole wide world (size 18-24 months thank you very much)!  Moose hug socks- with grippers!  Cute. Functional.  Safe! (Little is still a bit cartoonish when he runs so grippers are much appreciated!) And an Alaska long sleeve t for big.  Perfect because he's growing like a weed- his last year long sleeves are like belly shirts and it's starting to turn chilly. 

My Thank You card has already been mailed- you gotta thank your peeps!  Sans confetti- I don't want to be hauled away for being a lunatic.  Especially now since HH's 'dismantle the post office' ideas are now out in the open.  And since the government reads our email and probably my super popular blog.  And since I look terrible in white jackets.  

Happy Thursday pretty people!  Thanks for reading. 

11/21/2013 02:12:41

I love mail too--ESP the love notes you send me! And tell HH they are discussing closing our local PO (due to lack of use they say) yet every time I go in I wait forever in line bc it's always crowded! Someone's mailing stuff!!

11/21/2013 11:14:53

I love getting mail from you !! I need to send you more....

11/21/2013 11:57:09

I love sending you surprise packages! Especially when you least expect it. Glad they make you happy!

10/25/2014 09:32:56

I love mail too! I would love to have a pen pal. I used to have one long time ago (through email) but I'd love an actual paper pen pal! But I can also see how post offices are becoming obsolete and I'm a total fan of technology, but I also have an appreciation of older "technologies" =)


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