My BFF's twins Emma & Charlie! At 4 months old.

I don't have many mommy regrets. I think I'm a pretty good mom. My babies are; clean (usually), well fed (when they eat!) and happy. They are also some of the most photographed kids in the world probably. I'm obsessed. I admit it. But I love pictures and I love them so it's a perfect fit. So how on earth did I miss the monthly baby picture trend?

Zachary is 8 months! Well- not any more but mom and dad will always know exactly how old he was here.
I love two main things about this: 1.) that the moms and dads doing this project will have a visual representation of how fast their sweet babies have grown in one short month. Just this morning I was dressing BIG in pants that fit him perfectly last week and today they are too short. It happens over night pretty people! 2.) These are quick informal pictures that you don't have to prepare for or need to go get a blow-out for yourself- it's all about the baby: soon-to-be toddler! 

PictureMs. Emery: one, two, three, four and five months old. I'm swooning!
You can even be super fancy like my cousin and his wife and do a collage.  Then you can see how baby has changed in 150 days! There are tons of free aps where you just drag and position your pictures.  I use collage star for my iphone. 

Riley really is 8 months today! Her sweet smile is what made me pick this topic today. And look at those legs! I want to gobble her up!
So if I could go back in time- I would do this! I hope this made you smile as much as it makes me smile when I see these pictures on facebook.

Thanks for reading pretty people. 

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1/13/2014 09:04:01

I love those too! I did them with my kids (well, I missed a few months with Poor Number 2) then a did a snap fish book ( I'm totally obsessed with those) with all the pics of both kids. And might I add this was before Pinterest!

1/13/2014 09:27:18

We got Ethan a sweatshirt that says WARNING- I am 3! So glad we did! It's not too late for you to start - especially with little.

1/13/2014 10:36:29

We did this w/baby #1 & faithfully put in frame designed for it. Not so faithful w/baby 2 & 3. Another idea I love is to take pic of ur kid w/chalkboard 1st day of each school year w/name, age & when I grow up I want to be _______ filled in to see how their interests change.

1/13/2014 13:18:38

Call it the Pinterest effect! I never would have thought to do the month by month picture idea if I hadn't been inspired by other creative moms who happen to share their idea.


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